Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Chapter 18 : Beijing

Everyone was already outside the apartment except for Taemin. “Yah! Taemin-ah! Pali (hurry)! We’re late!” Key screamed on the phone as on the other line was Taemin who was still inside the apartment, having difficulties in trying to find his passport. “Is he usually like this?” I asked Minho. “Sometimes it happens to Jonghyun hyung (big brother) too” Minho whispered to me. “Yah! Did you just drop the honorifics on me?” Jonghyun gave a shout at Minho and laughed at the end. “I said Jonghyun HYUNG!” His flaming eyes seems like it was going to pop out of his head. “The problem is your ears. When was the last time you cleared it?” Minho just laughs along while trying to convince Jonghyun that he DID said hyung after saying his name. Actually, when I think about it; everytime Minho said Jonghyun hyung; the word hyung kind of disappears in the end. That’s why Jonghyun misunderstood Minho. “Okay, fine. But I don’t always lost my passport, Aiman ssi” he made it pretty clear for me to understand. I just nodded and there was silence until Onew starts talking after hearing their conversation earlier. “But you prefer to lose your phone right?” Suddenly the van was full of laughter except for Jonghyun. “Okay, I admit. I lose my phone A LOT… Where’s Taemin?!” Jonghyun said while looking out the window and Taemin appeared out of nowhere. “Mianhe (sorry)…” Taemin exclaimed while looking down, worried of his hyungs if they might scold him because of his clumsiness but they were still giggling from what happened earlier. Taemin who didn’t know anything just smiled, knowing that no one would get angry at him for being late but then Key exploded when he found out that Taemin used his shampoo as he could smell it from Taemin’s hair. A lot of more babbling was heard inside the van and I thought to myself. So, this is the life of five idols who had to live together, work together, rode the same vehicle together but in the end, every one of them would take care of each other in times of need and difficulties. I’m proud and happy for them that they’re still together even though it had been a long and difficult journey for them; to endure the pain, the sorrow and the challenges that they have to face from time to time.


                The flight didn’t take long for us to reach Beijing. The first stop was to check-in to our hotel and have a good rest before going out sightseeing the night view. I was selected to stay in a room with Amber. She’s from a girl group of this company, f(x). I was surprised to know that there was one member named Sulli. At first I thought that she was the Sulli I knew from my childhood when I heard her name the first time but it turns out that they were two different people. What I couldn’t believe at first was that their face looked pretty much the same.

As soon as I got into the room, Amber jumps onto the bed instantly. She seems really happy while stretching her arms and legs as if she was making snow angels on the white mattress. “You can sleep on the bed that’s beside the window, right?” she asked. “Ne (yes)” I answered. “I’m going to take a shower first or do you want to use it first?” she asked more. “I’m fine. You can use it if you want” I said. She takes her toiletries from her huge luggage and went into the toilet straight away. She really is what Key describes to me while we were on the flight earlier; Amber is a tomboy and has a boyish feeling around her. To me, it’s easy to communicate with her considering she is an outgoing kind of person. While she was still in the shower, I took out my laptop to surf the internet for a while when the doorbell suddenly rang. “I’ll get it!” I told Amber who seemed to be still in the shower for almost an hour now. I looked through the peephole of the door and saw Minho outside. As soon as I got out, he started babbling with his mouth. “Why didn’t you pick up my calls?” I just don’t get it. We’re given three hours to have a good rest before going around town and here he is in front of my room. Isn’t he tired from the long trip on the plane? I asked myself before answering his question. “I’m sorry, my phone’s out of battery. I forgot to charge it up” he didn’t say anything but smiles. “Okay, I forgive you. I was going to tell you to wear a blue blouse later so we can match our clothes together and then later we’re going to look for couple t-shirts. Okay?” I just nodded without saying another word. He just gave me a pat on the head and went into his room. I was still shocked from the patting he gave me. He never does that before. I always see it in dramas or movies and I think that it’s a sweet thing but what he did just now wasn’t sweet at all. I feel like my brain was shaking so hard that I felt like there was a small earthquake inside my skull. My poor precious brain.

After regaining myself from the dizziness, I wore the blue blouse as he requested and rode the bus which would take us around the beautiful city of Beijing. When I got onto the bus, my eyes were wondering around, looking for a seat. Suddenly, Minho raised his hand and calls out to me but then I saw Amber calling out to me too. I quickly went to her seat and sat beside her. It’s not like I don’t want to sit next to him, it’s just that no one actually knows about our relationship yet. I’m still not prepared for the consequences that might happen. I didn’t look back to where he was sitting and started a conversation with Amber instead. Suddenly, a text came in.  “Why didn’t you come and sat beside me earlier?” It was Minho. “Nothing. Let’s talk about this later, okay?” I knew that if I said that, it would just make him feel upset because he might think that something’s not right but the fact is, I just feel that some matters must be explained at the right moment. As soon as we reached the first destination, everyone got out as fast as they could. I waited for everyone to get out first as it would be best to get out last just like what my dad have thought me so I won’t bump into anyone and it seems more polite to do so. I noticed that Minho was second last, so I just followed him from behind. When it was my turn to get off of the bus, I suddenly tripped from stepping on my own shoelace and my hand was caught on Minho’s shoulder automatically. His hands caught me from falling down on the pavement. Jonghyun who was a step ahead of us turned around when he heard my foot landed on the pavement, hard. “Oh, are you okay?” he asked. I took my hands off of Minho immediately and just nodded. He continued walking side by side with Key. Suddenly, Minho started to laugh. “What?” I asked him, following the others from behind. “Are you doing a body gag just to get my attention?” he asked. “Body gag? What’s that?” We started a conversation as we walked along the road to a place called China Town. “Body gag is when someone makes awkward body movements which might involve falling over or bumping into things. In a simple word, clumsiness” he explained while taking a turn to the left into the road which leads to the destination we’re going. “Why would I want to get your attention? I did it on purpose okay?” I said sarcastically while walking away and joined Jonghyun and Key. There were so many small stalls on the right side selling souvenirs and on the left side, they sold food. Everything looks delicious but I already had my dinner just before hopping onto the bus earlier. My eyes were looking around at the right area where there were key chains, bracelets, toys, sandals and many more. I saw a group of people surrounding a stall and went to join them. Kris and Tao were there too. “What are you guys looking at?” I asked them. “Ah… these are hats which are handmade. They look like tailor-made right?” Tao explained. I observed them picking out their own choice when I decided to pick one too. A gift, maybe? I thought to myself. After a long time wasted just to pick the right size and type of hat, I picked out a black fedora which had a strip of brown ribbon strapped on it. When I was about to leave after paying, I noticed an interesting stall beside it. There was a huge sewing machine on the table. I asked Kris since I couldn’t understand Chinese and it turns out that the tailor could sew names on the hats that we just bought from the other stall earlier. Kris seems excited and decided to call Tao who already left us both behind to tell him all about it. Then, Kris disappeared. He was out of sight. Now, how am I supposed to communicate with the tailor?

After a few more walks with Onew and Key, we were called back to the bus to go to a few more interesting places. On the last trip back to our hotel, I was really worn out. My eyes are already drowsy, visions getting blurry and my legs were aching from walking too much. As I looked around, no one seems to be having the same pain as I’m suffering at the moment. I guess having your body exercised and dancing a lot surely makes your body fit and healthy. As soon as the bus started to move, I looked through the window once again to watch the lights of the tall buildings that roam the city and finally my eyelids shut closed. ‘THUMP!’ The bus hit the road hard after going over a bump on the road. I was surprised and woke up from my deep sleep. As soon as I turned to my right side, I was even surprised as if I saw a ghost sitting beside me. It was Minho. He was yawning and seemed to be waking up from the loud bump earlier too. “What are you doing here?!” I shouted but whispered at the same time as I saw a lot of people are already fast asleep. “Oh, you’re awake? Just continue sleeping. I’m tired” He closed his eyes while I only gave him a cold stare as I was still surprised for his sudden appearance. Then, he gave a pat on his left shoulder. “What?” I asked him. “Lean your head here” he said while his eyes were still closed. What? Lean on his shoulder? At first I didn’t know what to respond. Suddenly his eyes were open and his hand puts my head on his shoulder instantly, making my eyes open wide. “Just go to sleep already. If I don’t have enough sleep for tomorrow, I’m blaming it on you” he said as if he was sleep talking. I smiled thinking that I don’t want to get scold by him tomorrow and went to sleep instantly.

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