Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Chapter 16 : Surprise

Today was the day Onew and Rachel would be filming for his new music video, One Year Later. It’s a collaboration with Jessica from Girls’ Generation which they are from the same company. The setting was beautiful. It was a view where the two lovers met again after a year apart. A bench sat aside and a tall lamp post lighting the dark road. Trees covered in snow surrounding the ‘park’. It was just wonderful. This scenery kind of reminds me about when Minho made the surprise for me. It looks pretty much the same. The two people who would be representing the two lovers were of course Onew and Rachel. The reason I was there was because Rachel invited me eventhough Onew invited me first. I told him in advance that I would be with Rachel since she asked that she needed a help of mine. I wondered what kind of help she wanted from me. Of course, I knew it had something to do with Onew. The filming starts with soft music playing indicating Rachel to come out from the right side. Then, Jessica’s voice came out singing the lyrics which the crew played in the background.

It feels like I’ve been dreaming for a long time.
I’ve wandered and wandered around for a while
As if we made a promise
Standing here in front of each other
like that day from four seasons ago.

She walks slowly and I could tell that she’s fallen deep into the music. Her expression was amazing as if she was showing her true feelings the entire time.

For a long time I’ve been living, having forgotten of you
For a while, I thought I was doing fine
However I started to realize it as time pass by
That I am nothing without you.

                Then, it was Onew’s turn. He comes out when his own voice sang from the music that they were playing and soon facing each other. I felt like crying, seeing them like that as if I was watching a sad romantic movie.

Could your feelings perhaps be the same as mine?
Will you give me another chance?

                Now, the climax came. The two starts questioning each other asking for another chance to make their relationship work this time. Onew and Rachel looked each other in the eyes and it seems as if they were really asking the same question to each other during that few moments. “CUT!!” yelled the director and they were snapped out of daze. They became awkward. Then, they went to their separate ways going back to their respective dressing room. It was short but I was confident that they would be back together in no time. The next scene went on smoothly. This time, Rachel was on a giant ship sailing and Onew was walking from the left side while looking into Rachel’s direction. They were far apart yet so close. A few more scenes and the filming ended with ease. Before going back home, Rachel gave me something to hand over to Onew but I insisted that she gives it herself, asking her to build up her confidence and talk to Onew face to face.

I gave them time and went into the van by myself. When I got inside, two men suddenly appeared out of nowhere and the van started to move. They were driving the van full speed like a mad person. “What do you think you’re doing?!” I screamed. They didn’t answer but the one who sat at the passenger seat took out a dagger from his pocket and aimed at me. I took out my phone quietly and dialed Minho’s number right away as I could only think of him at the time. I put it in my pocket hoping that they wouldn’t know about it. “Why are you doing this?! Why are you kidnapping me?!” I said out loud hoping that Minho got the clue but it seems that they were even more pissed as they held out the dagger even closer to my face. I looked through the window and noticed that we were going deep into a village where the van finally stopped. They pulled me out and found my phone inside my coat pocket and threw it far away. I tried struggling as much as I could just to get away from them but it was no use. Then, they tied me up onto a chair inside an abandoned warehouse. The next thing I knew, I was already unconscious from the smell of a weird substance that was on a piece of cloth.


                “Where’s the van?” Onew wandered around the parking space looking around to see if the van was parked somewhere else. Suddenly, a call came. “Yeoboseyo (hello), Minho ssi?” “Are you with Aiman ssi?!” “Aniyo (no). Waeyo (why)? What’s wrong?” Onew’s eyes suddenly widen. After hearing Minho’s explanation, he suddenly remembers seeing two suspicious looking men wondering around the set as if they were looking for someone. Onew went to the police station with his manager and made a report of a kidnapping. Meanwhile, Minho was searching for Aiman using the GPS detector that connected his phone to Aiman’s. He was speeding and all in his mind was hoping that she would be fine. Soon after, he arrived at the abandoned warehouse. He texted Onew the location and the police were already on their way. Minho with a long metal pole as a weapon in his hand bravely went into the warehouse, tiptoeing hoping that no one could hear him coming. He got closer to where Aiman was and heard them talking on the phone with someone, asking for compensation. He wondered for a while, who are they talking to? Compensation? Aiman’s family aren’t very rich to reach the standard of the amount of money the kidnappers were asking. After deciding the right moment, he took a huge blow to one of the men on the back and made him fall down with a loud thump. Then, Minho was aiming for the other guy who stood beside Aiman with a dagger in his hand. Minho tried getting closer but the kidnapper already placed his dagger right onto her neck. He had no choice but to drop the pole and raise his hand. BANG!! A gunshot was heard from afar. The police had arrived earlier, waiting for the right moment to pull the trigger. Minho who was still in shock from hearing the loud gunshot went to Aiman’s side and untied her. “Aiman ssi!! Wake up!! It’s me, Minho!!” he shouted while shaking her up. She still didn’t wake up or move an inch. Tears started flowing in Minho’s eyes. No! It can’t be! Wake up! Please! His heart screamed as loud as it could until he felt like it was going to explode. She still didn’t move a single muscle.


When I woke up, I was already on a hard hospital bed. “Oh, you’re awake?” Minho took my hand and held it tight. He seems very happy seeing me and strokes my head gently. I tried getting up and he helped me by putting the pillow behind me so I could lean comfortably. “What happened actually?” I asked still feeling a bit dizzy. Then, Minho told me every single detail. The culprits had mistaken me with someone else. They were actually looking for another woman who had the same characteristics as mine. “You know, you’ve actually been asleep for almost two days now. They overdose you causing you to fall in a deep sleep” he explained. What? I’ve been unconscious for two days? After staying at the hospital for a few more days, I returned home accompanied by Minho. At first, he insisted to stay with me just to let me feel safe but I assured him that I would be fine just by myself. Before he walked through the door he said a few words. “I’m sorry for everything. I haven’t been fair to you” he said, still facing the door with his head low to the ground. Then, he was silent for a while and I could hear him sobbing somehow. He turned his direction looking at me with those glass eyes and said. “If you ever need someone by your side, you know who to call right?” with the smile on his face. Then, the door was closed shut. I only smiled knowing that what I hoped for all this time would be coming true; for us to be back together again.

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