Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Chapter 14 : Green Eyes

“What is this?!” I raised my voice a little after reading that title. I took the laptop closer to my face and read the article. There were three photos of me with Key, Jonghyun and Minho. The first one was when Jonghyun and I were at the shopping mall. It was a shot of Jonghyun holding my hand. The next one was when Key tried putting my shoes on during the ‘broken heel’ incident. Lastly, was when Minho and I were at the park. What is this nonsense? I read the comments below and the fans surely did not like it at all; calling me a crazy woman for going after three idols at the same time and saying that I might cause them to fall apart, SHINee that is. I looked at Minho in the eyes and he told me that I should be more careful after this because ‘some’ bad things might happen. He insisted me to tell him or the others if anything bad happen. My mood wasn’t in a good shape afterwards. I courage myself that everything’s going to be fine and I should just go on with my life as if nothing wrong had happen.

After a few days since the article spread wide to the whole world, some people from the entertainment news called their manager to get a closer scoop of the story themselves and surely the manager tells the truth that we were only friends and those screenshots were ‘accidently’ confused as if we were on a date. At first, I did get some bad feedbacks from the Shawol fans but fortunately nothing really bad happened. Actually, I don’t consider it bad but it surely made me feel very uncomfortable when I’m in the bus. As soon as I hop on, I could see some people already staring at me and they won’t allow me sit next to them, especially when it comes to some schoolgirls. I had to stand for the entire one hour trip from where I live just to get to my workplace. I still remember there was one time when I was getting off the bus near the SM building; I felt a hard push behind me making me stumble a little. I turned around and I’m pretty sure they were kind of cursing me or something but I just had to ignore them or something terrible might happened. Key saw everything when he was about to enter the building. When I passed him I was really hoping that he didn’t see me getting hurt by some schoolgirls because I didn’t want to burden them anymore but his expression didn’t seem very happy about it. “Are you okay?” he asked. Of course, I answered it with one word only. “Yes” After that incident, they insisted me to use their van as a transport so I don’t have to deal with those kids anymore. I really hope that they would forget about me after this but one thing came into my mind. What if Minho and I do work out? What would happen to us? What would happen between the relationship of SHINee and Shawols? I had to make second thoughts about our relationship. Better yet, I had to make a thousand thought about it.


The filming continues right after Woo Bin claimed that he had already fully recovered from the accident. At first, I couldn’t believe it for myself because 3 weeks doesn’t seem to be enough for a full recovery but he seems confident about it, I just have to accept it. After a few shoot, I noticed that he wasn’t himself. He seemed like he was aching from the pain. He was murmuring to himself everytime he limps around the set and everytime someone asks if he’s alright, he would say yes but his expressions said something else. I knew that I had to take care of him from time to time as a repay for saving my life but everything I do can’t be compared to the price of his life that he had to put on the line to save me. When the director gives a signal for recess, I would immediately go to Woo Bin to give him any helping hand if he needs it.

Meanwhile, Minho couldn’t stop bugging me to eat with him even if I tried explaining to him that I need to help Woo Bin when I had the spare time. There was one time when Woo Bin was walking down the stairs he suddenly trip and fell. Fortunately, I was walking by and eventhough I wasn’t strong enough, I managed to prevent him from falling hard on the concrete floor which could make his pain go a lot worse. His hand automatically was at my waist trying to get support to stand properly again. Somehow, I could see Minho looking at us from afar when I glimpsed around to see if anyone could help us. He didn’t come to help but instead walked away. Woo Bin saw him too and looked at me. “Go. I’ll be fine” I was really thankful to him for understanding me. I ran to catch up with Minho but I couldn’t find him anywhere. I asked everyone and they said that he went into his dressing room. When I walked inside, he was practicing his dialogues. “Minho ssi, what you saw…” “I’m sorry, Aiman ssi. But I need to practice to get this line right. If you don’t mind…” Then, he continued reciting his lines again and again. I only stood by the door waiting for him to call me back but he didn’t. In the end, I just left with a pain aching in my heart. How can he misunderstand something small and wouldn’t listen to my explanations before making a big accusation in his head? Luckily, the director called me which made me forget about that for a few moments.
This time, we had to go filming outdoor for a scene where the king was attacked by some bandits while on his way back to the palace. I was having a talk with the director about how the setting should be done. Minho was there too with some of the makeup artists getting his makeup done. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind was blowing into our direction. “Aiman ssi, how many layers of clothes are you wearing? You look like you’re going to freeze to death” he said sarcastically when he heard me chattering my teeth instead of talking like a human being would normally do. “…two” I said to myself. Minho just looks from afar without saying a word. I remembered that I brought along a padded jacket to keep myself from the cold. When I got to the van, it was locked. Another strong gust of wind blew and I had to hug myself from getting blown away by that wind. Suddenly, Woo Bin came out of nowhere with a jacket in his hand. He puts it onto my shoulders and I wore it instantly, not wanting to freeze to death just like what the director had just said. “Here. I have an extra. You can wear it until the end of filming” he said, simple. I thanked him while walking back to the set to continue my work. Woo Bin, still at the parking area turned around and saw Minho behind the van with a jacket in his hand. He looked into Minho’s eyes deeply while giving him a smirk in the end before walking back to the set. Minho, with a fury flame in his eyes, walked away with the jacket still in his hand before throwing it away.

When he got back from the parking area, Minho saw Aiman was giving instructions on how the scene goes to Woo Bin. Everyone else were too busy with their own jobs but there was something about both of them that bothers Minho deeply. He felt that they’ve become close, too close. Then, some female staffs were walking by and he could hear every single detail of what they were talking about. “Yah, did you saw earlier? Woo Bin gave Aiman ssi his jacket and helps puts it on her while she just smiles.” “Do you think they’re dating?” It totally made his anger level from a hundred to a thousand. It should’ve been ME dating her! Not Woo Bin! He said to himself. After his last shoot, he left the set instantly with the van, leaving Aiman at the set with no transport to go back home.


I just don’t get him. Why all of a sudden he left me here alone? He was the first person to insist me to use the van as a transport in the first place but now? All I could do next is to walk by foot to the  bus stop that I saw earlier. While walking along the road, more and more gusts of wind was blowing  making me feel numb in the face. PIN! PIN!. The sound scared me to death that my heart almost fell down to my knee. I turned around, it was Woo Bin. “Thanks but no thanks. I don’t need a ride home” I said instantly. “Yah, what are you talking about? I just want my jacket back” he said. “But… it’s cold…” I said with a low tone and he just laughs. “Come on. Get inside unless you want to go back home; tired and cold” I got inside as soon as he said that. I stayed quiet for the rest of the journey. I tried keeping my eyes open from the drowsiness but I would just hurt myself. My head would suddenly sway to the side and hit the door really hard. Woo Bin just laughs while looking at my attitude. “Just sleep already, I can’t focus driving if your head keeps making that loud noise” he said sarcastically. I just followed his orders and slept right away.


An unfamiliar car drove into the parking area of the apartment. Minho just got home from going to the park to take a stroll. He got the shock of his life when he saw Aiman and Woo Bin in the car together. He saw her sleeping and Woo Bin woke her up gently. Woo Bin was smiling; looking at Aiman who just woke up from a deep sleep. She got out of the car and thanked Woo Bin before walking away. She’s coming to Minho’s direction. He panicked. He didn’t want her to know that he was spying on them the whole time. He quickly jumps between the bushes beside the entrance to the apartment. Suddenly, his pants tore at the knee when it got stuck to one of the twigs in the bushes. The sound of the pants getting torn was so loud that anyone near could hear it instantly but it seems that she was half asleep because she almost kicked a pot of flowers. Minho’s quick hands prevented that by shifting it away from her foot. She just entered the apartment like nothing had happened as if she was sleep walking. Minho stood up from where he was hiding and turned around to see Woo Bin still at the parking area observing him from afar.

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