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Chapter 12 : Sangtae

We walked back to the apartment and he insisted me to meet someone. At the time I could never guess who he was mentioning until I entered their dorm. When I heard the sound of laughter, I was brought back to the incident this morning. There was Onew and Key in the living room playing with a little boy, the boy I just met this morning. He seems happy playing with the toys in front of them. My mood changed instantly from being happy to the uneasy feeling. “Yoogeun-ah, say your greetings to the noona (elder sister)” Minho told the boy. “Annyeonghaseyo (hello)” he said while bowing to me. I greeted him back. I tried playing along and suddenly Onew’s words really made me think twice. “Yoogeun-ah give appa the toy” Onew said. I thought he was going to give it to Minho but as a surprise he gave it to Onew instead. I ignored, thinking that maybe Onew wanted Minho’s child to call him appa too. I just watch them play from afar. “Isn’t he cute?” Minho asked me. “Ne (yes). He looks a lot like you” I tried my best saying the right words. “I know, right? I get that a lot actually eventhough…” Suddenly Taemin appeared from the kitchen with a cake in his hand. “Saengil chukha hamnida (happy birthday to you)!” Taemin sang and Yoogeun’s eyes were lock onto the cake and he began to smile. Soon, everyone was singing. When I saw the cake, it got even weirder. “I know on the cake it wrote ‘Happy Birthday from the five shining appas’ but there are only four of us since Jonghyun appa had to go home today. You can still have fun with the four of us right?” Taemin said while looking at Yoogeun, smiling. What? Five shining appas? Jonghyun appa? Okay, I know that Yoogeun is Minho’s kid but how can he have five appas at the same time? My mind is really twisted right now. I took the courage to untangle the wires in my brain which had already had the tangled knots, trying to calculate this problem. “Minho, how come the others call your kid as their son?” Suddenly, the drink that went into Minho’s throat stops there and made him choke. He rushed into the kitchen to clear his throat. Everyone including me just watches him. “What’s wrong with him?” Onew said while digging into the cake which had his name scribbled on it. He didn’t seem to care about Minho and continued eating. “Yoogeun-ah, remember not to talk while eating or you’ll get choke like what just happened to Minho appa. Arachi (alright)?” Key teased Minho and Yoogeun simply nods.
I went into the kitchen to check on him. He was wiping his mouth with the kitchen towel and he simply laughs at me. After having a good laugh, finally he spoke. “Do we really look alike that much that made you thought he was my biological son?” Okay, I think some of the wires are being untangled in my brain after hearing that. “Wait. He’s not… your son?” “Aniyo (no)…what on earth are you thinking, Aiman ssi?” he continued to laugh more. “If he’s my son, who’s the mother?” he said “I thought it was Rachel ssi…” My voice trailed off in the end. I tried hard remembering what Jonghyun and Taemin were talking about in the car yesterday. Then, a sentence came into my mind.

Minho hyung and Rachel didn’t get married and our little kid, Yoogeun is coming again tomorrow” It was Taemin’s voice talking to Jonghyun.

“What? Rachel? We broke off our engagement years ago” he said while smiling at me confidently. I snapped out when I heard Minho’s voice. “Wait. So, that’s why you ignored me this morning?” he continued. “Yeah, but what about your mother then?” “I told her that I already have someone else and that I truly love her. She already moved to Japan but I promised her to bring you to her at the end of this year to get engaged” “What?! Minho! You…?!” Suddenly, Key appeared with Yoogeun. “Yoogeun’s coming into the kitchen to wash his hand~” Key sang and pushed us aside so that Yoogeun could use the sink. “Wash your hands~ Oh, yeah~ Wash it until it’s clean~” I looked at Minho because I was still angry at him and he just looks up to the ceiling to avoid eye contact with me. “There! All done!” Key puts Yoogeun down and was about to go back into the living room when he looked at us. “Aigoo~ What a cute couple! Ah, Yoogeun look away” he covered Yoogeun’s eyes and walked him to the living room. We thought he was gone when suddenly his head pooped out of nowhere while smirking as if it was an evil smile at us. We were stiff as a rock. When he’s REALLY gone, we laughed to each other but I remembered what he said earlier and punched him on the shoulder. “Ouch! That hurts!” he exclaimed. “That’s what you get for lying to your mom” I was about to exit the kitchen when suddenly Onew and Taemin came in and brought all the used plates and glasses. “Oh, since you guys are already comfortable here; please wash the dishes with care” They said while bowing as a sign of giving us the ‘honorable’ duty. We had no choice but to do so. I was still angry at him for telling his mom that we’re going to get engaged eventhough I have no idea whatsoever. To think of it, he’s actually really sweet for telling his mom that he already had someone else who he truly loves and that he wants to get engaged right away.

After knowing that Yoogeun wasn’t Minho’s son, I felt that I want to become closer to Yoogeun now. I was so happy to get the good news. I was literally smiling the whole day. Of all the four of us, I played the most with Yoogeun. He really is cute. The screams when he’s excited and the giggles; he became more adorable in my eyes. I started a conversation since I saw Minho watching television instead of playing with Yoogeun. I guess he was already worn out from Yoogeun’s lively energy. “Minho ssi, did you know that Rachel was going to be in this drama too?” The room became silent all of a sudden except for Yoogeun, still playing with his toys. Everyone was putting their head down and their expressions changed instantly. Minho excused himself from the others and signaled me to follow him. We went outside and he told me the reason why everyone became silent after hearing what I just said. “Aiman ssi, I forgot to tell you this earlier but please don’t mention Rachel’s name in front of them again” “Waeyo (why)?” I asked “Actually, after two months our engagement broke off, we found out that she was dating Onew when we heard the news on some articles but it didn’t end very well. He got really depressed after breaking up with her because she said she couldn’t forget about me and that made my relationship with Onew became awkward for a whole year until the day we started planning for a comeback” I really didn’t know about that and made my promise not to mention her name in front of him again. I told Minho that I had to finish my work for tomorrow and asked him to tell Onew that I was really sorry for bringing that up.


                After finished casting the rest of the actor and actresses, the shooting begins for the first episode which was situated at an old village. As soon as I arrived, a staff told me that Rachel asked me to meet her in her dressing room. She told me that she wanted to be the first one to get the fourth script. I guess she just couldn’t wait for the next episode.  As I was about to leave, she said something that I never thought of. “Aiman ssi, you’ve been seeing the rest right? Jonghyun, Taemin, Key and…” She didn’t continue her words so I said it for her. “Onew?” “Ah, right. Onew ssi. How are they doing now?” They? I knew she was actually referring to Onew but I didn’t want to make Onew stand out of the rest so I just answered her question simple “Oh, they’re doing fine. They made a comeback earlier this month” After that, I left the room. Everything went smooth on the first day and so on. There was a day which Jonghyun, Taemin, Key and Onew came to visit Minho on the set. Some reporters came to take some pictures of them. The staffs were saying that they were acting as if they had a good time, playing around just to look good in front of the cameras but I was the only one who knew that they were having fun for REAL. Onew excused himself from the rest. He wasn’t looking where he was going and suddenly he got hit by the door, Rachel’s dressing room door. He fell to the ground. Everyone came rushing to his side. Rachel who didn’t know that she accidently hit someone with her door was really shocked to see that it was Onew. Of course, Rachel went to Onew’s side instantly, asking if he was alright and apologizing. Onew seemed surprised too to met Rachel unintended. “Omo! You’re bleeding!” said Rachel after looking at his forehead. Onew just wipes his forehead and was even surprised to see blood flowing out of his body. Luckily, it was just a small cut.

                 After taking him to a sit at the resting tent, I helped him to treat his injured head when suddenly Rachel appeared. “Aiman ssi, can I do it instead?” she asked politely and Onew didn’t say a word. I got up and gave her the first aid kit. I left them alone and went to help the director with the setting.


                “I’m really sorry to hit you on your head” said Rachel. “It’s okay. It’s just one of my sangtae (condition)” Onew exclaimed. “Sangtae?” said Rachel while wiping the blood off his forehead “Onew Sangtae (Onew Condition). The others gave me that name because of my clumsiness” Onew just looks down. He didn’t look into her eyes. “How come I don’t know about this before…?” She said to herself as she was sorry for not knowing everything about her ex-boyfriend. Rachel was about to put a plaster onto his head when suddenly Onew said “I was writing a song…” He looked into her eyes “…and was wondering if you could be in the music video” She didn’t move, her hand was still in the air from about to put the plaster on. Rachel was stunned to know that she could be closer to Onew again if she took that chance. “But if you don’t want…” Onew looked to the ground again and felt a gust of wind blowing on his forehead and a plaster being put on it gently “Yes” said Rachel, looking into his eyes. “What did you say?” Now, they were looking into each others’ eyes. “I said, yes. I would love to be in your music video, Onew ssi” Onew just smiles back. I was watching them from afar and felt happy for them.

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