Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Chapter 17 : A Trip

“Yay!!” We all screamed after the last episode of our drama which finally ended with a total of 20 episodes. It was supposed to be 18 but because of the great feedbacks and responses, we extended it to two more episodes. The director congratulated everyone who cooperated in making this drama a success and for the highest-rating drama that he promises to the whole staff. The final episode ended with 24.6%, beating other dramas which also had their final episodes airing too. “It was the greatest hit in the filming industry as it was a new version of the historical drama written by a rookie scriptwriter and directed by a great director alongside the talented actor and actresses” was a comment given from other directors from other companies the day after the final broadcast.


                 A week after celebrating that greatest moment, I finally had the rest of my life. Three whole months really worn me out; excluding the days which I had to work overtime just to help with the editing, the typing, the setting and everything else. The director wanted to sponsor a full package vacation for me but I declined saying that having a rest in my own cozy home is already enough for me. Prepared to start my vacation; I took out a piece of paper, a pen, played some music out loud and opened the curtains wide to let the sun brighten the room up but it was no luck. No ideas were coming into my mind. I had no idea what to do with my spare time, six months to be exact before I start writing for another drama. After ten minutes thinking until my head was about to explode, I didn’t realize myself suddenly writing a rough script when I’m supposed to write a full page of the things I wanted to do during this vacation. When I finished, I noticed that the paper was already full of plots and characters I made up. While I was analyzing it again for the third time, the doorbell rang. I looked through the screen beside the door and there were flowers covering the whole screen. I couldn’t see a face. “Nugu seyo (who is it)?” I asked but there was no reply. When I opened the door, there was no one around but a wooden basket full of red and yellow tulips in front of the door. Feeling curious about it, I took it inside. Suddenly, an e-mail came in and I had to check it out to see if Sulli had replied my message. I put the basket down by the door. While I was reading her e-mail attentively, the basket fell over causing a huge mess. When I looked at it, Kai was coming out of the fallen basket. I guess it had climbed into it. When I picked him up, there was a piece of paper stuck onto his foot. When I read it, it certainly gave me a shock of my life. “I’m going to leave soon. I hope we can meet again. Minho” What is this nonsense?! Leave? Who’s playing with me right now? This can’t be true. It just can’t. I ran out the door and went to their house. Everyone seemed pretty shocked to see me all of a sudden. “Where’s Minho?” I asked. “Oh, he went to the park earlier… waeyo (why)?” Key asked. “Nothing” I answered simply, ran out the door and went to the park instantly.

                 While my eyes were wandering around looking for him, something caught my eye. I could see a balloon floating in the bright blue sky which had caught my attention somehow. It was the little girl that once gave me the iPod before. She was holding the balloon in her hand. Suddenly, she started running with her friends to play tag. “Have you… have you… seen Minho oppa?” I asked her as I was out of breath from trying to catch up to her. “Oh, unnie (big sister)?” She seemed a bit surprised to see me and handed me the balloon. She continued playing with her friends without saying another word. I looked at the balloon and on it had a picture of an areoplane. Then, something came into my mind. After getting a cab, I went straight to the nearest airport. As soon as I arrived, I looked around to try and find him but there were too many people around. Suddenly, I could hear his voice. “What took you so long?” I turned around; his face was covered with a scarf and a pair of sunglasses he had a brown leather backpack on his back. He walked up to me and was about to say something but I stopped him by hugging him and said. “Why are you leaving me? Don’t! Stay with me, arachi (alright)?” I cried and cried when suddenly I stopped, after hearing his words. “What? I can’t leave you just for an hour and you’re already crying?” I let go of him and stared into his eyes with my swollen red soaky eyes. “What… did you say?” I said while trying to stop myself from sobbing anymore. “Are you going to leave just like that? Where’s your ticket?” he looked at me from top to bottom while both of his hands were on my shoulders. “What are you talking about? What ticket?” I asked him. “Didn’t you get my flowers? I was supposed to leave for Japan first but the manager told me that you weren’t at the airport yet. So, I stayed to wait for you to show up but how come you came empty handed?” I wiped my tears while hearing his explanations. “Japan? Why are you going there?” I was still confused. My brain couldn’t process everything at once. Suddenly, he starts to laugh “Yah, WE are supposed to go there to meet my mom. Remember?” My mind was still blank. “Wait, have you looked into the basket thoroughly?” Suddenly, I started to remember Kai was going into the basket. “No, I only got the letter you gave me” he started to laugh more. “There was a ticket in there, the ticket that you’re supposed to use to go to Japan” he widened his eyes while looking at me. “I was planning it like this. I go first and then you leave after me. We couldn’t leave at the same time because the manager accidently booked the wrong ticket” he explained everything after we sat down at the waiting area. “Oh. Really? I guess I was in a rush after reading that letter” I said to myself. He just frowns while looking down at me. “Now, because of you I couldn’t introduce you to my mom” he was pouting really badly as if it was going to fall onto the ground. “I’m so sorry okay. We’ll go another time. I’ll book the next ticket, okay?” I suggested and gave him a bright smile. “Fine. We’ll go another time. BUT!” Suddenly he raised his finger at me. “I’m paying for the ticket. I don’t want to ride the economy class” he complained like a little kid. “What?! You thought I can’t afford for the business class?” He got up and walked away while I just followed him from behind and I could see him just smiling, ignoring my every word. We were both nagging from the airport until we reached back home.

                I was about to enter my apartment when suddenly Minho got a call from Key. “Yah, are you with Aiman ssi right now?” Key asked. “Ne (yes). Waeyo (why)?” While they were talking, I excused myself to go inside but then Minho stopped me by raising his finger saying for me to wait while his other hand was still on the phone talking to Key. After the conversation was over, he told me that Key invited me to their house. Why so sudden? I thought to myself. When I entered, everyone was in the living room. Jonghyun and Taemin were watching the television while Key and Onew were having a discussion at the dining table. Minho and I sat at the dining table as the couch was fully reserved by Jonghyun and Taemin. “Ah, Aiman ssi. We have a great plan and you need to join us” Key explained as soon as he saw me. “What plan?” I asked. Then, he just turns his direction to Minho “Minho-yah, you still remember that we have a world concert in Beijing this Saturday, right?” “I remember. Waeyo (why)?” Minho asked Key as he was going to grab a carton of orange juice from the fridge. “We want YOU, Aiman ssi to come with us” Key said while putting both of his hands forward to my direction, smiling brightly. “What? Why would I join you guys?” I asked still confused with what Key was trying to say. “Well, it’s kind of a congratulation gift from us for your success in your first leading drama” Onew explained. “Plus, you kind of helped me and Rachel got along now…” he continued and his face was a bit blushing as his cheek became red. “Yeah, yeah… We all know that story, hyung” Key said while facing the other side of the room. “So… now… Aiman ssi… Start packing your things! We’re leaving this Wednesday” he shouted and raised his hands in the air. I don’t know why he’s the one that’s excited. “Oh, one more thing. You don’t have to pack too many clothes. Just for two days. The CEO wants to treat everyone to go shopping while we’re in Beijing” Jonghyun explained while his eyes were lock on the television screen. “How long is the trip anyway?” I asked Onew. “Four days. We’re going to go around town on the first day, rehearsal on the second day” he explained while laying out his fingers one by one. “The concert is on the third day and the final day we get to have a rest or just have a walk around the city of Beijing before going back home” in the end he just smiles. I guess I could put this trip into my vacation wish list which has already been filled with the plots and character that I wrote down earlier. “GOAL!!!” Taemin shouted.

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