Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Chapter 15 : Date

After airing the 11th episode, I got good news from the director. Finally, the day I’ve been waiting for has come. The most precious, memorable day. This is it. The peak of my success in scriptwriting. I was really happy about it I almost cried. I got to know that our drama was the highest rating drama compared from others and became number one. The whole team wanted to make a celebration by having a barbeque party at the director’s pension house near the beach. He’s just so nice for letting us use it to celebrate this meaningful success.


The party was going well as planned with the feast that the director had prepared. Everyone had a great time enjoying themselves. After eating, they played games and some went to the beach to have a walk by the shore while the staffs who were close with the director took a trip around the house led by the director himself. Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin and Key were there too. Onew was with Rachel, walking by the shore. Key, Taemin and Jonghyun were still eating at the porch where the food was. As everyone was having a good time, I went looking for Minho and found him at the rooftop. He was gazing at the stars on this clear night. I walked up to him and asked how he was doing when suddenly he gave me the cold treatment. Every question I asked, he would answer it as little as he could. He didn’t even look at me during the whole conversation.

Meanwhile, Taemin excused himself from the others and went to get some drink. While he was drinking the punch, he saw Woo Bin and they started a conversation together. They talked a lot and suddenly Woo Bin opens a topic about Minho. “Taemin ssi, is Minho the type of person to get jealous instantly?” Taemin gave a thought before answering the question. “Hmm… I think so because there was one time when I got a signed football from a fan, he got so jealous that he sometimes takes it with him in his sleep without asking for my permission first. Why’d you ask?” Taemin asked after giving a long explanation. “Nothing. It’s just that he misunderstood between me and Aiman ssi. He thought that we were together but the fact is it’s just a misunderstanding…” he laughed “…and everytime Aiman ssi tried explaining to him, he wouldn’t listen” Woo Bin continued “Ah… really? That’s not nice of him. No wonder Minho is in a bad mood all this while. I bet Aiman ssi is having trouble right now, facing Minho”
“Minho ssi, what’s wrong with you? Why are you being so cold to me? If I’ve done something wrong, tell me. Don’t just stand there and give me the silent treatment” I said, blurting out everything. “If you’re having trouble with me, go talk to your boyfriend Woo Bin ssi” he said still avoiding eye contact “Boyfriend? What are you talking about?” “Enough Aiman ssi! I saw everything okay?! People have already started talking about you both dating. How can that not make feel upset?” he raised his voice a little while giving me a stare. “What?! So now you’re going to trust what other people are saying? I tried explaining it to you but you won’t even listen” The mood became intense. Tears started to form in my eyes. “I don’t have to trust what other people are saying. I don’t have to listen to your long boring explanations. Even if I took a glimpse at both of you, I already know that you’re together” he said everything that he had to say and all I could do was cry. I shed a lot of tears and he still won’t apologies for being such a jerk. He didn’t even try comforting me at all. I took some time to process all of this mess. “I wished you never remembered me. Better yet, I wish we had never met” After I said those words, I left him.

Taemin walked up onto the rooftop and saw Aiman running down the stairs. “Oh, Minho Hyung. What happened?” Taemin asked. Minho didn’t even look at Taemin but lock his sight onto the ground with what Aiman said earlier. “I wish we had never even met” “What? You fought?!” Taemin makes a quick assumption. “Hyung, if it’s about Aiman ssi and Woo Bin ssi. It’s not true” “How can you not say it’s true?! You don’t know anything!” Minho gave Taemin a cold stare. “That’s why we have to share our problems… Hyung, we’ve been living under the same roof for a long time now. If you have a problem, share it with us. Don’t just bottle it up” Minho just looks down to the ground again thinking about what Taemin had just said does have a point in it. “Hyung, there was nothing going on between Aiman ssi and Woo Bin ssi. He told me earlier that he never liked her and you misunderstood them for no reason. If you ever loved her, make her smile not cry” Taemin gave a pat on the shoulder and left him. Minho, standing still didn’t know what to do, suddenly started to run. Hoping that he makes it in time to catch Aiman but it was too late. She already left the party and went back home.
I paid for the ride back home to the cab driver and went into my house. I was really in a bad mood at the time. I didn’t care about anything. I didn’t even switch on the lights. I wanted the room to just be dark so that I could have the time all by myself but then I could hear Ace meowing. She walked up to me and sat beside me, still meowing. I remembered I haven’t feed them before going to the party. They must’ve been starving. After giving a bowl full of cat food, they were really happy and energetic, especially, Ace. She was running around and playing with the yarns which were already in bits and pieces. Meanwhile, Kai just followed me around the house. I went into the bedroom and he’s on the bed. I went to the kitchen and he was by the sink, not doing anything. After changing my clothes, I played a movie on the television screen. It was a movie called ‘Notting Hill’. It’s a movie which was recommended by Key, as it was his favourite movie of all time. After an hour started, Ace settled down and sat beside me, fast asleep. Kai on the other hand was on my lap still purring everytime I stroke his fur. Some people say, if you play with pets, they could help relieve someone’s stress in no time and it surely just helped me to ease my stress. I’m really glad I helped Taemin to take care of them.


                The next day, I got a call from Key. He asked me to go on a ‘date’ with him that night. When I got to the theme park where he planned to meet, it was actually for a shooting for the show We Got Married. The show pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were actually married. Taemin was chosen to be paired up with Naeun from another girl group called Apink which was under the company of Cube Entertainment. Key was going to be in this special episode which he is on a date with Eunji, the leader of the group Apink. It was a double date for them. The reason Key invited me too was that he wanted to cheer me up after knowing what happened between Minho and I. I guess, he found out about it. Considering, they live under the same roof. Luckily, Key was smart enough not to mention him in front of me. While they were shooting, I would be just standing around and look up to gaze the stars. The view was sure beautiful that night as there were no clouds between the earth and the outer-space.  Everytime they take a break from shooting, Key would come to me and ask me to ride one of the rides in the park or he would buy me popcorn or cotton candy from the park. “Hey, let’s ride the Ferris wheel!” Key suggested. “But I thought you’re afraid of heights?” I said back. “Yah! It’s not easy to get a ride with the Almighty Key okay? Come on!” he seems upset when knowing that I rejected his suggestion earlier. I laughed at his attitude as he pulled me to ride the Ferris wheel. As soon as it started to move, we could see the beautiful view of the city of Seoul. “Why did you call this a ‘date’ if you’re actually dating Eunji instead of me?” I asked him while filling my mouth with cotton candy. “I am on a date with you” I only continued eating as I was a bit confused to what he just said. He took a long pause and continued “To be honest, I wanted to have a date with someone out in the open just like this. With people around not like when I date Eunji earlier. There are a lot of cameras around us instead of ‘people’ and it kind of bothers me” he explained while looking out into the night view. “But why me?” I asked more. “Because you’re a stranger” he answered simply. “Stranger? But you know my name, where I live…” “I only know the outer you, not the inner you. Get what I mean?” he cuts my line leaving a question mark in the end. “What you’re trying to say is, you wanted to go out on a date because you wanted to know the other person more?” I said after making some calculations in my head to what he was talking about earlier. “Yah… you’re so good!” he said while giving me a pat on the shoulder. Then, we stopped talking after not knowing what other topics we could talk about when I suddenly asked a stupid question just to break the silent that went on for what it seems like forever. “Key ssi, do you like me?” I laughed in the end. “What?! No, I don’t have a heart for you and I have no time to do so. Plus, you’re not that pretty compared to the girl of my dreams” I punched him on the shoulder while giving him a little smirk. “Yah, you’re not my type either. I was just making a joke” I said while looking out again. “I know. You only like tall people, work out regularly and have a gorgeous face like Minho, right?” I guess Key realized his mistake and apologizes right away. That really made me silent for the rest of the ride. It wasn’t his fault that I became quiet, I should’ve just laugh at his joke and now, I made him feel guilty about it. “Aiman ssi, after this let’s ride more rides okay? I’ll invite Taeminnie too okay?” I just nodded as the director calls for him as soon as we reached the ground again.

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