Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chapter 13 : Surprise

After a month and a half of filming, the editing for the first episode and the second was done but there were still some episodes that haven’t been filmed yet due to Minho’s tight schedule for SHINee. The first airing begins on Thursday night. I was called by the director to join in watching the rating while it’s being aired. At first, there weren’t many people watching the first episode but then the number began to rise. After the show was finished, we got to know that our drama was on the fifth place compared to other dramas from other broadcasting stations that aired at the same time. It wasn’t disappointing much because it was still on the first episode and I’m sure that the number will rise even higher next time. After a few talk with the other staffs before going home, I got a call from Minho. He sounds happy and excited, asking me to go to the SM building to meet him there. He said it was urgent but insisted me not to be in a rush. As I was leaving, I looked at my watch and it was really late at the time. “Aiman ssi, where are you going?” Woo Bin stopped me before I could exit the building. “I’m going to the SM building” I left him. It was really cold that night that it felt like snowing but it’s still early for winter to come, I thought. I stopped in front of the road, waiting for the light to turn green so I could cross over safely. I got a text from Minho asking if I wanted a drink of hot coffee so that he could buy it in advance. I smiled knowing that he’s so nice to me. The green light was on. I kept my phone in my pocket and walked when suddenly a bright flash of light shone on me. I couldn’t see anything but felt that I was being pushed really hard. When I woke up, my eyes were blurry out of focus. When I turned around, there was a huge crowd of people behind me. I went to look and my heart fell out of its place when I saw a horrible image in front of me. “Woo Bin ssi!!” I screamed and went to his side right away. There was blood across his face. His hands hanging flaccid and his body weren’t moving an inch. The people around us were even in shock to see a famous actor got a hit and run on this cold night.


I waited in front of the surgery room in anxiety. Suddenly Minho appeared out of nowhere. He was panting probably because he was in a hurry to reach the hospital. “Aiman ssi, are you alright? I heard there was an accident near the SM building and you didn’t came…” He was really worried about me. I just stayed quiet not knowing what to do after getting a shock of my life.  He examined me to see if I was hurt and saw my hand was bleeding. His eyes got even wider as if it was going to pop out if his head. “You didn’t get treated?!” He seems a bit pissed off while taking a closer look on my hand. “Ah, the doctor asked if I was alright but I asked them to take care of Woo Bin first. I guess I didn’t notice it myself after seeing what happened to Woo Bin ssi” He didn’t reply but looked into my eyes. I just looked down, afraid that he might scold me for being careless.


After getting the treatment, the doctor who was in charge of operating Woo Bin came out. He told us that Woo Bin lost a lot of blood and need to transfer some into him. Luckily, the hospital had a stock of blood just enough for him to survive. We walked into his room and his manager was there too. I couldn’t leave him just like that after what he did to save my life earlier. I wanted to wait for him to wake up but Minho insisted me to go home and have a rest myself. I persuaded him to allow me to stay and he agrees. He excused himself to go home to get some necessary things. “You want something to eat?” he asked “No thanks” I said while giving a bitter smile. How can I eat when the person who just saved my life still haven’t woken up? He left and I sat by his bed. I was really thankful to him.

When I woke up, it was already morning. I realized that I was on the couch instead of the chair that was beside the bed. A blanket was covering my body to keep me heated from the coldness last night. No wonder I wasn’t sneezing last night. If not, I had already woke him up. I looked around and there was no one in the room. The bed was empty. I started to panic but then I could hear the toilet being flushed. Someone came out of the toilet and it was Woo Bin. I ran to him helping him to get back on the bed. “You’re awake?” we asked each other at the same time. He giggles while I was making the bed. “Ne (yes), I woke up last night and Minho was beside me” he explained “Where is he anyway?” I asked back at him. “He had some schedules to attend. Oh, he wanted me to tell you that he helped you to sleep on that couch last night” I guess he knew that I would be wondering about that and was a step ahead by asking Woo Bin to tell it to me. I just nodded after hearing what he told me. I sat on the chair beside him and he handed me a canned drink that was on the bedside table. “Here, have some. You must’ve been tired; sleeping in the hospital” I took the canned drink from his hand “I’m fine.  How’s the head” I asked him “What? Can’t you ask a little bit nicer?” “Okay, fine. How is your precious gigantic head doing?” I said while forcing a smile “It’s okay since you asked” he giggles. Then, the room was silent for a few seconds. “Why did you do that?” I asked him while looking down to the ground, rolling the unopened canned drink between my hands “Do what? Wait, I’ll open it for you” he took the canned drink and opened it. “Why did you save me?” I took it back from his hand. “What? You WANT to get hit by a car?” he said sarcastically. “I mean, you could’ve died. You know…” “That’s why I took the risk to save your life. I wanted to know that if saving your life is something meaningful to me and it turns out, it is” he said while facing out the window. I don’t quite understand what he was trying to say but then someone came into the room bursting. “Are you alright? I heard that you got a hit and run” It was the director. “I’m fine” Woo Bin answered simply. “How could you be so careless? Now what are we suppose to do to finish filming?” The director seemed pretty upset while I just bowed my head down. I knew that it was entirely my fault but that doesn’t mean that I wanted him to get hit by a car instead of me. I didn’t ask for all of this. “It’s okay, I’ll recover soon. Besides, we already finished filming until the eighth episode. I’m sure I can join filming in no time” Woo Bin said confidently. The director just shook his head. Then, he left the room. The room became quiet again. “How’s the hand?” he suddenly asked to break the awkwardness in the atmosphere while looking to my left hand which had a huge white plaster on it. “What? Can’t you ask a little bit nicer?” I said, mocking him. He laughs even more.


                That night, I didn’t feel like joining the others to watch the ratings going up and down at the broadcasting station for the second episode. I only watched it at home. After watching it, I noticed that there were some flaws that needed to be fixed. While watching it, I typed for the eleventh episode. The episode that I’ve been waiting for my whole life, it’s between the climax and the denouement. Where the lead male falls for the lead female after realizing that their love were meant to be and secrets being revealed for the first time. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. While feeding a mouthful of popcorn into my mouth, I went running to the door when the doorbell started ringing non-stop. I looked on the screen beside the door and it was Minho. I opened the door and his expression wasn’t in a good condition. “Waeyo (what’s wrong)?” He went straight to my laptop and typed something on the internet. “What are you doing?” I asked him still standing, looking down at him. Then, he turned the laptop facing me without saying a word. “What is it?” I said while looking at his face. I kneeled down by the table and couldn’t believe it myself. “Three idols dating the SAME girl?” was the title of the article that Minho opened up.

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