Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Can I...?

Chapter 7 : Let's eat!

That was the first awkward morning for them.

No one dared to speak up.

Not even Onew as he only observes everyone around.

Key was plating everything while the others sat on their respective chairs and looked down.

After everything was prepared, not a single word came out of anyone's mouth.

Lastly, Onew gave up and tried to talk but in result no one responded.

Key gave a look to Minho as he was placing the food onto his own plate.


The sound of the door being opened harshly, woke Key from his daze.

Minho, already wearing a t-shirt and a towel, with his wet hair snatches the phone from Key's hand.

"Nugu?" Asked Key to the silent Minho who kept staring down to the screen.

"...Nae yeodongsaeng (my little sister)" Said Minho after a long pause and tried putting up a smile.

End of flashback

Meanwhile, Jonghyun was still trying to comfort Taemin and cheer him up.

He kept giving glances until Taemin would finally speak up but it was no use.

As they walked out from the building, Jonghyun tugged Taemin in the arm and made his hand fell out of his coat pocket.

"Taemin-ah..." Called Jonghyun.

"Waeyo?" He replied reluctantly.

"Mianhe... jeongmal mianhe..." Pleaded Jonghyun.

Taemin looked down, thinking of whether to accept his apology or not.

"I promise not to talk about this ever again" Said Jonghyun and their eyes met.

He then gave a nod and smiled to Jonghyun.

"But, can you at least lessen the limit for one of us to get married? Because 10 years is too long"

He starts to complain as they entered the van.

Onew sees them happy and fine. Plus, they're even talking to each other pretty well.

"Looks like I don't have to butt in anymore" He said to himself and shut his eyes.

"I have to go now! Najunge boja (see you later)!" Exclaimed Jonghyun as he walked out the door.

The recording was finished and they had been dancing for 5 hours straight.

He knew that it was still not enough but he couldn't just stop the urge to not miss a day without seeing her.

Ding Dong~

The doorbell rang.

Amira who was busy surfing the internet called out

"I'll get it!"

She opened the door and saw flowers being shoved to her face.

"Yah!" She shouted.


He moved the flowers away from his face.

"Jonghyun?! What are you doing here? I thought you have practice today?" She said.

Without hesitation, he entered the house and placed the flowers into her hands.

"It's our lunch break right now" He explained.

"Amira! Nuguseyo?" Her mother walked closer to the front door with a kitchen towel in her hand.

Her eyes widen, worried to what her mother would say if she saw him.

She quickly threw the bouquet of flowers behind the door and gave her mother a bright smile.

"Ah! Jonghyun-ah?"

Jonghyun bowed and said his greetings.

"It's been a while, ne?" He said.

The both of them smiled meanwhile Amira was busy thinking about what her mother would do if she finds out the truth.

"What were you doing?" He asked her mother.

"I was cooking for lunch" She explained simple as she was taking a pan out form the cupboard.

"Amira, you didn't help your mother?" He poked her on the shoulder.

"I was... busy..." She tried finding an excuse.

"Tsk... busy with what?" Her mother said sarcastically.

She felt embarrassed about it and punched Jonghyun on the shoulder making him wail in pain a little.

"What? You're a singer now?" She seemed shocked and disbelief.

"Umma, you didn't know?" Said Amira as she was cutting the vegetables.

"How should I know if Jonghyun never comes and visit us like before"

Jonghyun just smiled from embarrassment.

"What about the others then?" She continued.

"Ah, we're together. We're in the same group" He explained.

"What? Group?" She stopped and looked at Jonghyun in confusion.

"You should really stay up to date, umma" Said Amira.

"I'm too busy to get involved with this. I'm just glad that you have a job, Jonghyun-ah. Not like Amira over here" She pouts her mouth to Amira's direction in front of him.

"Chicnha?" He said and couldn't shut his mouth unless a fly comes in.

"But I told you, I would get a job soon. It's just that I couldn't find one that's suitable for me" She said in a low tone as if she was a bit upset.

Her mother giggles and left them in the kitchen to help cleaning up as she went to her room to freshen up.

After she was finally out of sight, Amira smack Jonghyun's arm without him looking.

"Ouch! What was that for?" Exclaimed Jonghyun.

"Yah! Why didn't you tell me first if you were going to come?" She whispered.

"What? You don't like me coming over?" He bulged his eyes.

"Aniyo... Well, at least tell me beforehand" She gave a warning.

"Actually, umma still doesn't know about..."

She points with the knife in her hand to the both of them.


"Mwoh? You still haven't told her yet?"

"Ne..." She frowned.

"...But since you're here...!" She turned, facing him and left him with questions.

"What?" Asked Jonghun.

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