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Chapter 20 : Yes

My posture still didn’t change at all. I feel like I couldn’t breathe after hearing his words. It’s not that I was happy him calling me that. It’s just that I was afraid to their response after knowing about our relationship. Suddenly, Jonghyun said “Aiman ssi, why aren’t you answering your boyfriend?” “What boyfriend?!” Somehow my thoughts were talking out loud and my eyes were locked onto Jonghyun for no reason. “What makes you say that?” My voice starts to slow down a little after realizing that I kind of shouted a bit to him. “You heard it wrong. Right, Minho?” I turned my attention to Minho. “Ani (no). He didn’t hear it wrong. I said… Yeo… bo” he said making it clear for everyone in the room to understand. Onew and Taemin started to giggle and Key shouted. “Yah! Get a room already!” Then Jonghyun starts to laugh really loud now. “They’re not a real couple yet, Kibum-goon. They’re still on phase one” Onew exclaimed. “How did you know that?” Key asked. Suddenly the room became wild and energetic just because of what Minho said earlier. “Hyung, don’t you know. The time they’re at the park; writing on a sketch pad like little kids” Taemin laughed at the end. “Hey, you would do the exact same thing, Taeminnie” Key replied. “How did you guys know that? About the park?” Minho asked them. I thought that he was the one that told everyone about it but I guess he’s really not a chatterbox. “Oops! Our cover has been blown” Key covers his mouth and giggled like an old lady while looking at the others. “Minho-yah. You’re still on phase one. We’re always there and ready in case you need help” Jonghyun said in a sarcastic voice. “What kind of help?! I don’t need any help. I can do this on my own” he replied confidently. “Actually… if it weren’t for them… I wouldn’t be here” I said while giving him a look. “That’s right, hyung. You’re the type of person who has green eyes” Taemin said after finishing almost everything that was on the table. “Green eyes? What’s that?” Minho asked, curious. “Ah… Aiman ssi here taught me that. Green eyes are a call for people when they’re in a jealous mood” Then, Minho’s attention was focused onto me. I stayed quiet, tired from continuing this conversation. I really don’t want to talk about our relationship anymore. “Hey, at what time would you guys finish practice?” I said, changing the topic. Everyone seemed like they weren’t satisfied with the conversation earlier. So Onew made a really sarcastic comment at me. “Waeyo (why)? Are you planning a date already? Today?” Minho just giggles while the others just roll their eyes. I sigh a little and I got attacked by them again and again but it wasn’t a bad thing either. I got to know that they had no bad respond about our relationship and the bond between Minho and I just got a lot stronger. And again, thanks to them.


                It was already past midnight and Amber fell asleep soundly. I looked out the window and gaze at the star. The room was already dark and I didn’t want to switch on the lights, worried I might wake her up but the moon and the stars shine brightly and lights up the room just a little bit. Expecially the stars. There were so many of them hanging in the sky. There was nothing for me to think about at that time. I would always empty my mind everytime I’m enjoying nature. I want to cherish those moments just to appreciate the beauty of nature and the surroundings. Suddenly the phone rang, waking me up from my fantasy world. I quickly answered it as I saw Amber moving about in her bed because of the loud noise. “Are you asleep?” The voice questioned. “Uh… yes I was asleep and this is Aiman’s spirit answering” I said lowering my voice and exit the room quietly. “Mianhe (sorry). Dumb question” he laughed after I closed the door shut. “Erm… Waeyo?” I asked while my feet walked along the corridor and went into the elevator to get to the lobby and continue the conversation there instead. “I just can’t sleep. Something kept bothering me” he answered. Suddenly, as soon as the door was about to close, a black figure walked across the corridor. I felt chills running down my spine and hairs standing straight on my arm. “What is it?” I asked trying to calm myself down. The numbers on the screen above the door soon to be dropping one by one. “Yeoboseyo (hello)?” The line started to crack and all I could hear next was the sound of silence. I looked at the phone and it was pitch black. I couldn’t even turn it on. It was completely dead. Something doesn’t feel quite right. I thought to myself. Suddenly, the elevator stopped working making me leaned back against the wall and the lights started to flicker. I pushed the ‘open’ button to open the door but it wasn’t working. The lights kept flickering and I felt that the walls are starting to push against me. I crouched myself into a ball and closed my ears as suddenly I could hear weird noises going around inside the elevator. I started to cry thinking about the horrific images that might pop up if I put my head up. I felt like I was in that position for almost an hour and my knees started to hurt, my back was aching from crouching like that for a long time. I just couldn’t bare it anymore. My brain was starting to shut down. Suddenly the sound stopped and the lights turned on again. The elevator started to move again but it went up instead of going down. The door opened and I couldn’t move a single inch. I was still in shock. I stayed at the corner until I heard his voice. “Aiman ssi?!” he came and sat beside me. He took my hands down which were covering my head and ears. “What happened?! I heard a loud scream from the phone earlier” I couldn’t stop crying and he just stares at me for a few moments. He leaned my head onto his shoulder making me feel safe without saying another word.


                “They said that they didn’t know about this until a few people made a report and they just kept it silent, not wanting to let go of the VIP customers who had been staying here for almost a decade and a half now” Minho explained after calling his manager and told everything about it. The cool breeze of air blowing my face made me feel a little relaxed as we were on the rooftop. There was a restaurant and a place where guests could come and enjoy the view. There weren’t many people considering that it was already past midnight but with him by my side, I didn’t feel like I was alone. “Are you okay now?” he asked after placing his jacket on my shoulders. I just smiled as a sign that I was completely fine and not in a shock mode anymore. It was a really hectic day for me. “Oh, where’s your ring?” he spoke after looking at me for a long time. I looked at my finger and the ring absolutely wasn’t there. I started to panic as it was something precious to me. “Oh, no. I must’ve dropped it in the elevator before” I said to myself. “What am I going to do?” I murmured. “It’s okay. I’ll get you a real one when we’re in Japan next week” he said, proudly while lifting his head up high to gaze at the stars. “So soon?” I put my head down thinking about meeting his mom. Nervous was the right word. “Don’t tell me you’re nervous now?” he said “I mean like, she’s like your mom already right? She took care of you much better than me everytime you came to our house” Suddenly, he started to pout. “A mom would always love her own child more than anyone else” I said giving him a smile, cheering him up. He smiled back and we giggled.


                Everything went smoothly on the day of the concert. Except for Taemin and Jonghyun who forgot their lines. The concert ended at 11 pm sharp. After a few other things to settle, everyone who came went home safely. Some were even crying from being too happy to meet their favorite idol on stage. The next day, we had to say goodbye and left for Korea.

                I entered the plane and sat by the window. As I look outside, there was a long line of fans with banners which had their favorite group’s name written on it. They were saying goodbyes and just stood there waiting for us to leave. “What are you looking at?” A deep voice startled me. “What are you doing here? Where’s Amber? I thought she was going to sit here?” Minho just sat down ignoring my every word. “Oh, come on. It’s not like everyday you get to sit next to me in a flight, right?” Soon, I got used to him acting this way and just let him be. I was already too lazy to fight back and just stay quiet. After two hours of being up in the sky, the plane still hasn’t landed yet. I looked out the window and we were still above the ground and roaming in the clear blue sky with white fluffy clouds floating freely. I didn’t bother about that until I realized that my plane ticket was set to Japan instead of Korea. I stood up from my seat and looked around, noticing that Jonghyun, Onew, Key and Taemin weren’t there. I woke Minho up who was still asleep soundly. “Yah! Where are we?!” I shouted. “What? Oh…” he woke up and scratched his eyes. He turned around facing me with a smile. “Changed of plans. We’re going to meet my mom before going back home. I don’t want to procrastinate the meeting between the two of you any longer” he explained. “What?! Choi Minho! I’m not ready yet. Plus, I haven’t told my mom about this yet” Now he really made me pissed with his surprise. “Don’t worry. I met her already and she knows everything about us” he explained calmly. “You met her? How come you didn’t tell me about it?” I asked him. “I didn’t feel like telling you” My mouth opened wide after hearing that. That’s all he could say? I don’t even know what else to think about. He continued his sleep and shut his eyes close. I looked out the window again, thinking about meeting his mom after a decade of years. “Wait. How did my plane ticket got changed?” I asked him while observing it. “I told Amber to switch it when you were both still packing in the hotel” he answered simply. Wow! He really is a person with a high knowledge in his ‘tiny’ little brain. I said to myself. Suddenly, I heard a patting sound beside me. He was patting his shoulder with his eyes still closed. I knew the signal and rest my head on his shoulder. I took a glimpse at his face and he was surely smiling from ear to ear. “Don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll love you as much as she loves me” he said softly as if he was whispering by my ear. I nodded a little, feeling relieved after hearing his words. As I was about to take a nap, he took out his hands and placed it on his leg. “Here, give me your hand” he said. I looked at it and hesitated a bit. Slowly, my hand started to move on its own little by little. Minho opened his eyes a little and took a peek at what Aiman was trying to do and giggled a little. In the end, I put my hands in his grip and he said “Let’s stay like this until the end, arachi (alright)?” he suggested. I smiled.

~ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ~

Will they be able to form the perfect love-line and keep it strong till the end of time?
The answer is yes

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