Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Can I...?

Chapter 6 : Who are you?

"Amira, are you there?" Asked Jonghyun.

"Em..." A rough voice was heard.

"Are you asleep?" He asked more in a low voice, not wanting to wake Taemin up from his deep sleep.

"I'll call you tomorrow then" He took the phone from his ear.


He took the phone back to his right ear as soon as he heard her faint voice.

"Oh..." He said.

"Waeyo? Just tell me" She asked.

"Tell you what?" He seemed curious.

"The only reason you call me at a time like this is because you're having a bad day, right?" She explained.

"Jonghyun-ah. I know you. So, just tell me. Waeyo?" She asked more.

He smiled knowing that it's already been a year since they began their relationship.

"Aniyo. Tonight, I just miss you. That's all" He said simple.

Amira, on the other line lifted her eyebrow and walked out to the balcony.

Soft winds blowing, whispering to her ear.

It was a really freezing night and she could easily catch a cold but it was her favourite thing to do.

"Ah... Chincha? It's not because something's up, right?" She asked for reassurance.

"Em..." He replied.

"You're out on the balcony, right?" He asked.

"How did you know?" She was surprised.

"I know you..." Said Jonghyun.

She smiled shyly as if he could see that.

"Well, actually I can hear the wind blowing into the microphone"

Her smile fades away and heard laughter from the other end.

"If that's all..." She walked back inside and shut the sliding door.

As she was about to move the phone away, a word ringed in her head.


And a clicked sound was heard, signalling he had shut it off.

As always, Jonghyun left a word for her to remember before she shut her eyes closed.

After leaving a single meaningful word behind, he cheered for happiness under the blanket and heard a moaning sound coming from his left side.

He took a peek and saw Taemin moving about on his bed.

Jonghyun stood up and walked to his bed.

He tried calming him down, worried to what was going inside his dream.

"...hyung..." Moaned Taemin.

"...dino hyung..."

Jonghyun was about to yell but he took aback and patted Taemin on the back softly.

"...don't... leave..." Taemin shifted his body facing the wall and giving Jonghyun his butt.

Jonghyun with a pitiful face, watched Taemin while patting his back until he was finally quiet.

"Mianhe, Taemin-ah..." He whispered and placed the blanket which was already on the floor properly over Taemin with full care.

His eyes opened after he heard the sound of the door being closed.

He couldn't sleep that night. Thinking about something.

Minho stood up from his bed and reached out for his phone which he always place on the bedside table.

The bright light brightens up the room and he had to narrowed his eyes from it.

After adjusting his pupils, he opened the gallery in his phone.

He scrolled down and opened up one picture.

Smiling, and then he went off to his dreamland with the phone still in his hand.

"Wake up!"


Minho fell to the floor with the blanket on top of him.

He rubbed his eyes twice before looking up.

"Yah! It's already past 8 o'clock! Bballiwa (hurry up)!" Screamed Key.

"Mwoh?!" Minho tried getting up but fell face first as his feet was tangled by the blanket.

Another loud thump was heard.

He quickly untangled everything, grabbed his towel and ran into the bathroom.

"Babo..." Key laughed and looked at his wristwatch which read 7:20 am.

As he was walking out the door, he kicked something on the floor.

"Ige mwoyah (what is this)?"

To his surprise, he saw a picture of a little girl on the screen.

"Who is this?"

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