Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Can I...?

Chapter 3 : The Beginning

"Yah! Kim Jonghyun! Saranghae!!" I screamed as loud as I could.

"Yah! Princess-ah! Saranghae!!" this time it was his turn.

We laughed and looked each other in the eyes. Fogs were coming out of our mouth because of the extreme cold weather that night.

"Yah!! Be quite already!! It's late!!" a scream was heard from below.

It was Key. He must've heard us yelling from the rooftop.

"Go home already!!" Minho came out the front door too.

We looked down and saw both of them in thick coats. The were really irritated.

I tried leaning closer to the edge when suddenly I felt a tug on my waist.

Jonghyun pulled me to stay low so that they couldn't see us.

He was trying to tell me to stay quiet but I felt a bit uncomfortable.

His hands were tightly wrapped around me and we were really close.

I tried turning around to face him but he kept me facing to the front.

"Jamkkanman..." he said.

"Do you really... truly... love me?" his words were so clear as I could hear every single word.

"Are you doubting me?" I asked.

"Aniyo... because I know. If I love you with all my heart, I'm sure your love for me is much bigger and stronger..." his words just made me warmed up on that cold night.

"What if... it's not?" I asked.

"Then, I would do all my best to make sure of it... I promise"

Hot tears were running down my cheeks as I heard those two last words. As I shut my eyes, I could hear him humming a song.

It feels like my breath will stop
My face blooms in the moonlight
Just like that, just like that, I will
stand behind you, for always
Just like that, just like that, I will
always be a step behind you, for always

"Yah! Kim Jonghyun!!! Stop stealing my SONGS!!!" Onew popped out of the door.

Somehow, I could hear Jonghyun gulp a little.

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