Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Can I...?

Chapter 2 : Lonely

“Mom! I’m going out! Bye!” I said out loud as I walked out of the door because I was really late at the time.

I cycled as fast as I could. I felt really bad that they had to wait for me to arrive for almost half an hour now.

As I reached my destination, I was sweating really badly. It was a very hot and boiling day.

I went to the small hut which had been a famous spot for us to hangout. I looked around and there was absolutely no one in sight.

“Okay… it’s today, right? Where are they?” I asked myself as I checked the calendar in my phone which I had already made a reminder.

Exactly 9th April, 5 pm at the hut.

 “Saengil chukhahamnida…!” A beautiful melody sang into my ears as I turned around.

A smile was formed on my face as I saw Jonghyun carrying a large cake and wearing a party hat on his head. Onew and Key popped the party poppers which made the quiet park filled with its surprise sound. Taemin was holding balloons and a bag in the other hand while Minho was singing along to the song.

“How could you forget your own birthday?” After settling down at the hut, Key asked me.

 “Forget about that. Make a wish and blow the candles before it melts!” Jonghyun screamed.

 “Pali (hurry)!” I shut my eyes tight, wishing for us to be like this forever and always.

After a blow to the lighted candles, they cheered and yelled ‘Happy Birthday’ out loud.

Doing the honors, I cut the cake and handed to each and every one of them.

 “Wah~ Taeminnie! How did you choose this cake? It’s so delicious!” said Onew after taking the first bite.

Taemin with a proud smile replied

 “Hehe… I saw a little kid eating a carrot cake with his mom and chose that”

After ‘eating the cake’ ceremony, it was time for the unrevealing presents part. Everything was packed in one huge bag.

The first one was a light blue teddy bear with a stitched ‘Princess’ name on it. It was a gift from Taemin and Onew.

The next one was a Michael Kor handbag. I knew who this was from. It was Key because he had a grin on his face as I was holding the bag.

The biggest present of all was a photobook.

I almost cried after flipping through some pages. It was filled with pictures of us since we became best friends.

Everyone came even closer to look at it. They seemed pretty shocked to see the pictures inside.

“Yah, why is my picture is like this?!” Key started to complain while pointing out to one picture which was taken when we went to the waterfall last summer.

 “How should I know if that’s how you usually look?” Minho protested.

 “I only pick the best and unfortunately this is the best one” he started to raise his voice as Key didn’t appreciate with his work.

Key just makes a face and in the end, Minho simply gives up.

 After a few more looks into the photobook, I closed it and everyone’s attention was onto Jonghyun who seemed to be eating the cake all by himself.

I looked at him with a feeling of anticipation but he just kept eating and didn’t even bother looking into my direction. Suddenly, Minho asked him.

“Jonghyun. What did you get for our Princess over here?” He raised his head and answered simple.

“Nothing. I forgot to buy her a present. Mianhe, Princess” I was really shocked with his words.

He didn’t even felt a bit of regret and his ‘sorry’ wasn’t even sincere. Upset was the right word at the moment. Minho and the rest were as shocked as I am.

Somehow, I knew that they were feeling a bit disappointed to Jonghyun on behalf of me. I tried turning the situation upside down by making a joke.

“Tsk, okay then. I won’t get you anything for your next birthday, Jjamong!” I said while laughing.

He just laughs and we continued enjoying the party.

After saying goodbyes and waving to the rest, Jonghyun and I were still at the hut. We decided to leave together after Jonghyun over here wanted me to accompany him to go have a walk along the river beside the park.

We laughed, we talked and we teased each other while enjoying the sunset. It was an amazing view to watch together.

“Wah!...” I said out loud while raising my hands to the sky after having a stop on the bridge.

“…What a great view to watch!” I screamed even louder.

Jonghyun just watches my attitude while smiling.

 “I know, right?” he said.

“But, it would be even better to watch it with a special someone” I said, frowning.

“What? I’m not a special someone then?” he laughed but after realizing I didn’t laughed along, he looked at my face seriously.

 “Waeyo (what’s wrong)?” he asked me.

 I bit my lips, wondering about the things that are running around in my head at the moment. I rolled my eyes around before letting out a huge sigh.

 “You know… I had never had a boyfriend since the day I was born…” My eyes were focused onto the horizon while my mouth was letting it all out.

He kept listening to my every word, attentively.

 “…remember the time when I said I would never ask for someone to be my boyfriend during high school?...” he nodded and faced his direction to the sunset too.

 “…but then, I realized… I was lonely…” Somehow, tears started to form in my eyes but I kept it from falling down.

I was really upset with my ‘single relationship’ condition at the moment.

Thoughts about having a company by my side, comforting me when I’m sad, sharing the happiness together, endure the challenges and difficulties I’ve been facing my whole life.

Being alone is something no one in this world would ever wanted.

Everyone needs a friend, a best friend, a brother or a sister, a… soulmate.

“Now… I really, really want one…” I smiled and let out a little laughter while the water in my eyes starts to build up.

I looked onto my hands and rubbed it together as the sun started to disappear right before my very own eyes.

 “…but then again… it’s impossible” I said and that single drop of tear I’ve been holding aback, finally fell onto my hands and I turned away.

As I was about to take the next step, I felt a tug on my right hand.

I turned around and Jonghyun was smiling brightly. I faced his beautiful eyes with my red soaky ones.

After letting go of my hand, he took out a small black box from his pocket.

 “Can I…” He said, while opening it and took out a ring.

Slowly, he walked up to me, closer… and reached for my hand again.

“…Kim Jonghyun…” I froze as he slipped the ring through my finger.

“…fill the emptiness in your heart?” he looked up to my face and smiled.

I didn’t know what to say but just stared deep into his eyes in confusion and disbelieve.

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