Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Can I...?

Chapter 5 : Curiosity

Key fiddling with his phone to take pictures and uploading it on Instagram.

Minho fast asleep with his eyelids shut tight.

Taemin listening to his favourite songs on his iPod.

Jonghyun keeping himself busy and surfed the internet for Twitter.

"Yah, you said you had something to tell me last night" Onew spoke up inside the car as it was too quite since everyone was busy playing with their gadgets.

And sleeping.

"Hyung, later" said Jonghyun as he tried giving signals to Onew not to talk about it in front of the others.

Key, who was sitting in the middle of the backseat shifted his eyeballs from the screen on his phone to the both of them.

Onew just nodded while Key was back on focusing onto his phone.

Fans were screaming and flashes of the cameras kept coming non-stop as they tried to enter the building.

Eventhough it was just a few minutes for them to take a glimpse of their favourite idols, they were satisfied with it.

After a long time of no news, they're finally back with a new album in their hands, ready to show it to the world.

Taemin couldn't stop singing his part again and again while the make up noona tried putting his make up on.

Meanwhile, Minho was trying to steal a few naps before going on stage for a pre-recording.

"Yah! Wake up! It's the third time you sleep while working" Key nags to Minho and smack him on the butt.

Minho who was still lying on the couch, woke up instantly and walked out of the room with his eyelids half shut.

Key waddled, following Minho out of the room.

Jonghyun came approaching Onew who was busy filling his stomach with some food as they didn't have any breakfast at home.

"Hyung, actually what I wanted to tell you is..." Whispered Jonghyun.

Onew stopped and tried to keep his focus onto him, wondering what he was trying to say.

"...is... urm... is that..." Somehow the right words aren't coming out of his mouth.

"Mwoyah?!" Onew seemed irritated.

"I'm thinking of marrying!" Jonghyun blurted out and shut his eyes closed.

Taemin who was busy with his vocals stopped making the room in complete silent.

Luckily, the make up noonas had already left the room a couple of minutes ago.

"What?!" Taemin almost gave a shout.

Jonghyun opened his eyes and was surprised to know that there was someone else in the room besides the two of them.

He turned around and tried giving excuses but stuttered instead, making it more obvious for Taemin to know.

"Ani... what I was trying to say is... Aniyo Taemin-ah... Actually, I... urm..."

Now, Taemin starts blurting questions to the both of them.

Starting with Onew.

"Hyung, did you know about this too?"

He only shook his head denying it.

"What are you thinking, hyung?" Taemin with bulging eyes asked.

"There's still another 10 years for us to focus on singing and now you're going to get married? What? You already purposed her?" He was in disbelief to the shocking news.

"Aniyo, Taemin-ah... I know I promised not to talk about this but..." He couldn't think of any other words as he saw Taemin's eyes.

They were shining under the light as tears started to form.

"Taemin-ah... He was just thinking. He's not going to do it this instant"

Jonghyun gave a glimpse to Onew, not believing to what he just said.

"Come on, we have to get your make up done before we go on stage" Onew took Taemin by the arm and out the door.

Jonghyun, still standing. A bit shocked, looked down and couldn't think straight.

Regret was all over his face.

As usual, their dancing was in sync and their vocals rock it all out that day.

Everything was going great on stage but as soon as they got into the car, it became awkward.

Taemin leaned his head back and looked out the window by the corner of his eyes.

He was too lazy to keep his head straight and look out like what a normal person would do.

Jonghyun kept giving glances at Taemin but no response was coming his way.

He let out a huge sigh and placed the hoodie over his head, fast asleep.

Key who was curious since morning had an urge to dig everything up, starting with Onew.

"Hyung, what's going on?"

A voice startled Onew as he was busy playing with his laptop.


Key sat down on Onew's bed and starts questioning.

"Is there something up between Jonghyun and Taemin?" He seemed worried.

"Aniyo..." Onew avoided eye contact and focused onto his laptop screen the whole conversation.

"Hyung, just tell me. I'm dying out of curiosity right now!"

Key shut the laptop off and Onew had no other choice but to talk to him.

"Look. It's nothing for you to worry about. I can handle this if something bad goes wrong, arachi?" Onew smiled, trying to persuade Key not to talk about this..

"Besides, you guys call me hyung for a reason right? And that's because I can help guide you to the right things" he continued and opened up the laptop again.

"But, hyung! I'm worried" Key pouts and tried giving an aegyo just so that Onew can blurt out everything but unfortunately, it didn't work.

"Gwenchana... I promise, everything will be alright" A shot of Onew, smiling just made Key stopped and thought it was already hopeless.

He walked out of the room before leaving a question in Onew's head.

"And what's going on with Minho these days?" Key muttered to himself.

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