Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Can I...?

Chapter 4 : Thoughts

I turned around before entering his car.

The four of them were only staring at us except for Taemin.

He didn't know what happened and was curious to why his hyungs were acting strange.

I tried waving goodbye but they kept crossing their arms, hugging themselves.

Taemin looked at his hyungs on his right side and then turned around, facing me. He gave a smile and waved like a little kid.

My smile fade and instantly fasten my seatbelt, waiting for Jonghyun to get inside too.

"I'll be going now. I'm just gonna drop her off" he said.

They were still in the same position.

Jonghyun quickly swoops inside the car and fastened his seatbelt.

"Aigoo... We better go before they try throwing sticks and stones at us" he said while reversing his car.

As the car was driving away from their dorm, I looked back through the side mirror.

Taemin turned his entire body around to observe his hyungs and one by one entered the apartment, leaving Taemin behind full of curiosity.

"Wae? Are you still shocked at Onew's yelling earlier?" A question popped up as I was remembering to what happened earlier.

"Ne... A little..." I replied.

"Don't worry, he was just teasing back then" he said and giggled.

I looked out the window and suddenly felt like humming the song he sang earlier a bit.


"Hyung, waeyo?" The confused Taemin asked Minho.

"It's nothing. You go to bed now or you're going to wake up late and Key does NOT like it when you wake up late" he replied, bulging his eyes at Taemin.

"I think it's okay if they're dating but at least don't make a lot of noise here or some people might know about this" Key complained as he entered his room.

"I wonder what happened. Aigoo... I'm so tired, singing all day long" Taemin stretched his arms and went into the bathroom to wash his face.

"Minho-yah, why are you still awake?" A voice woke Minho from his thoughts as he was cupping his chin under the dark sky.

"Ani..." he shook his head and played around with the mug in his hand.

"You should go to bed now, I'll stay awake and wait for Jonghyun to come back home" Onew said, patting his back, persuading him to get his beauty rest.

With a little nod, he dragged his feat, making a stop in the kitchen before entering his own room.

A few minutes passed by and the sound of  a car engine being shut off was heard.

Onew slowly walked to the door and counted.

"Hana... dul..." he keeps counting with his eyes closed.

"Set!" and opens them instantly.

"Ah! Kamjagiya!" Jonghyun exclaimed to see Onew standing still in front of the door.

"Shh! They're sleeping. Because of you, they didn't get enough sleep" he said, pointing his index finger to Jonghyun.

"Ah, Mianhe hyung. I didn't think it through. I thought it was fun" he explained.

"Still! You can't just do that. The neighbours might knew and spread the news to the whole world" he said, a bit upset.

"Hyung... are you disagreeing with my relationship?"

His words just made Onew's heart ache in pain.

Oh, no. Did I said something wrong? He thought.

"Aniyo... I'm happy and am supporting you no matter what. I just don't want any bad things happening like when you were with..."

"Hyung... gomawo, for supporting me" Jonghyun cuts off Onew's line and went straight to his room, leaving Onew hanging in the living room with a hot drink which had already went cold, in his hand.

As Onew was about to enter his room, Jonghyun popped out again.

"Ah! Hyung. Remind me that I've got something to tell you tomorrow" and shut the door tight.

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