Friday, January 17, 2014


“Are you ready?” he asked me. I couldn’t hear his words from the loud music being played in the back and the sound of the host talking. “Yah, Aiman ssi. They’re just cameras” I faced him with my nervous face. “They’re not going to bite you” he said while giving me his childish smile and pinched my nose as if I was a little girl. I smiled back saying that I’m ready now to face the wave of cameras, flashes and reporters. Then, the guy in the black suit gave us the signal to walk up to the red carpet. “Wait!” I pulled Minho’s arm and he turns around to look at me. “Here…” I took the black fedora from the manager behind us and handed it to him. “What’s this?” he asked me. “It’s a hat, babo (stupid)” I laughed. He observes it for a few seconds and I showed him something which was at the right side of the hat. There was a stitching in white coloured thread “Look, it says Close Your Heart” I said. We looked in the eyes and smiled. “So, close your heart… with me in it, okay?” he simply nodded. He puts it on and offered me his hand. I took it and we walked up to the red carpet… together.


The camera zooms in a dark room from the kitchen. The room was only brighten up by the television screen but it was still dark. A woman’s voice spoke and filled the room which was silent. A figure could be seen sitting on the couch. It could be recognized as a man as it had a very masculine back. “And today, was born another famous star couple…” the woman’s voice spoke from the television screen and a picture of Minho and Aiman was shown at the top right corner on the screen. They were holding hands and with a wide, bright smile on their faces. Minho with his gray suit and a black fedora matches with Aiman in a brown dress with a studded diamond ring on her finger. Somehow, there was one person that did not approve this at all. After zooming into the television screen, the camera moves back to the man who was sitting at the couch earlier. Slowly; from the view of his feet, moved to his hand which was holding a steak knife, the camera stopped until the level of his lips which murmured something “Huh… a new couple eh? I guess a little scandal wouldn’t hurt… right?” After the news was over, he shut it off making the room dark again. With the help from the glowing full moon which entered the room through the window, the room was brighten a little. The man placed his right hand on the table and started stabbing the knife onto the table between his fingers one by one, slowly. As he finished the first round, he said to himself “If I win this… I could win anything” Suddenly, he started to stab the table again and again, faster each round like a mad person and stopped instantly. He laughed to himself and said “…and I’m going to win that heart…” The camera focuses onto the man’s face and he smiled with his devil’s eyes. “Kim Woo Bin…” he said, proudly “Kim Woo Bin is going to win that heart”

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