Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Can I...?

Chapter 1 : We Meet Again

“Hey, why are you still awake?”

My roommate’s voice startled me from staring into the screen on my laptop for almost an hour now.

“I’m finishing the assignment Prof Phillips gave me yesterday” I answered.

“I thought that you had a week before submitting it to him” she said while tugging her blanket, covering her feet from the cold air the fan was blowing from above us.

“I know but I want to finish it before this Wednesday because…”

When I turned around facing her, she was already asleep with her eyes shut closed really tight. I laughed knowing that she fell asleep as I was about to explain everything to her.

Well, she’s asleep and you guys aren’t. I’ll just tell you all why I had to finish this before the due date. I was planning to go back home on Wednesday but suddenly an assignment made me stop dreaming about seeing my family again. I pleaded and begged my Prof to allow me go home early and we made a deal. Finish it before 2 pm and I’m free.

I was going all out just to make this assignment a killer and done before the new due date that I’m facing less than 48 hours now. After the last minute editing and checking for faults, it was finally finished. The design I’m supposed to do to promote my product was the objective of this task the Prof gave me and it was wonderfully done by me!

 Everything was already packed into my car and I set off my journey back home. I turned up the volume of the radio and sang along to every song. It helps me to drive better.

Using the remote to open the gate, I was welcomed by the beautiful trees dad had planted and the sound of water falling down from the fountain. It was built by dad with his own bare hands. Well, with the help from some tools of course.

I stayed in the car before shutting off the engine and browsed my phone before entering my lovely heaven on earth. After 10 minutes, I took the keys out of its place.

I stretched a bit from the pain of driving for almost 4 hours. Suddenly, the door opened wide and there was my dad with a smile on his face. He was really happy seeing her favourite youngest daughter back home.

After a few talk, he helped me to carry my things into my room. It’s been a while since I entered my room. It’s still in the same conditions except that mom and dad had used it as a storage room eventhough we already had one which was on the right side of the kitchen.

 I opened the purple flower curtains and let the sunlight fade in. I turned around and saw my room filled with purple things around. I was a purple maniac when I was in my teens. Purple bed, purple shelf, purple wall clock, purple carpet and even my phone.

My room’s really small compared to my sister’s but I was satisfied, having my own room after 12 years of suffering to live in the same bedroom with her.

Eventhough it had been already 9 years since we moved to this house, I felt that it’s still new. This is where I grew up as a teenager.

Enough with the intro. I’d probably had made you bored and you guys must be waiting for the approach of the man of my life, right? Okay, I’m getting to that.

I took the time to ride my bicycle to go around the park that evening. I’m used to exercise every evening when I started my life as a university student.

As I pedal again and again around the park, I had an emergency brake when a really absurd guy appeared out of nowhere who almost caused me a severe accident with his motorbike.

“Yah, since when have you been here? Why didn’t you tell me?” he sounds upset while facing me.

I couldn’t recognize him from the dark helmet he’s wearing, a helmet that covers his face.

 No, wait. A helmet that covers his whole head.

One of my eyebrows went up and looked at him in a disgust face as he just made a shock of my life with his stupid action. I still can’t forget how he suddenly stopped in front of me without a warning.

“I’m sorry but I don’t talk to strangers” I said while paddling away from him.

He didn’t respond or followed me.

I figured to go for a few more rounds before going back home when suddenly he appeared again. This time he took off his helmet and smirked at me. I still couldn’t recognize who he really was.

 He had white silver hair and beautiful eyes that seem to be shining brightly as if there were light bulbs in his skull and that smile.
Where have I seen that before? After a few more minutes, brainstorming my brain, finally I said…


“Yah! I told you not to call me that!” he screamed.

Now, he’s really pissed.

I laughed really loud while holding my tummy as it hurts from laughing too much. He looked around and saw people staring at us. He seemed ashamed for my actions and quickly grabs hold of my hand to calm me down.

As soon as I felt a tug on my hand, I looked up and saw some people looking at us as if we were crazy. I looked back at him and just giggled instead.

He just looks down on me with a frown on his face.

 ~ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ~ 

“What’s with the hair, Dino?” I asked.

“Could you stop calling me that. I’m not a dino anymore, okay?” he replied.

“Arasso (alright)” I looked down at the ice-cream in my hand.

“So, what should I call you then?” I looked at his face and he was eating the ice-cream.

He was about to open his mouth when suddenly…

“Jjamong!” A man appeared out of nowhere and scotch between us.

“Lee Jinki!” I shouted.

“Annyeong~” he replied cutely while looking at me. I smiled back.

“Yah, my mom gave me a proper name and you should appreciate that” he was upset after what Onew had said.

“Hey, it’s been a while since you called me Jinki?” he asked after finally getting a spot to sit between us.

Jonghyun just gave a loud sigh and looked at the other direction while ‘enjoying’ his ice-cream after no one responded to what he just said.

“Well, you did gave me a surprise and I accidently called you that but I’m going to keep calling you Onew because I like it better than Jinki” I explained.

He hums as if he understood to what I was saying. He looked back at Jonghyun and just smiles.

“Ah! Mianhe (sorry) but I really have to go now. It’s already late” I said after looking at my watch.

“Jjamong, remember you owe me a dollar and fifty cents for the ice-cream” I pedaled my bike back home.

“Yah! Call me JONGHYUN!!” he screamed and I just laughed along the way.

“What? She paid for the ice-cream?” Onew looked at Jonghyun in confusion.

He didn’t respond and continued eating his ice-cream.

“You’re going to have to be a gentleman if you want to win her heart…” he paused.


Suddenly a chase started between the two. They were running around at the park. As they turned around a corner by the tree, a flash of light appeared and they were little kids again.

“Yah, Lee Jinki! Stop calling me Dino!” Little Jonghyun said while still chasing innocent Jinki who had a smile on his face.

He didn’t care if his best friend was upset or angry. He was just happy to be playing with him at the park.

Suddenly, little Minho and Taemin got hold of Jinki and Jonghyun was about to give him a few piece of his mind when suddenly little Kibum called them.

“The foods are ready!” Minho and Taemin’s attention were caught onto Kibum after hearing the word ‘food’.

Little Jinki got out of their grip and went running to the small hut by a huge tree. Jonghyun was about to tickle Jinki as soon as he arrived at the hut too but then Jinki was hiding behind a little girl in a cute pink dress who was busy plating the food onto the plates.

“Stop it Jonghyun or I will call you Dino too” she seemed irritated.

 Finally, he gave up and sat down with the rest to enjoy the meal.

“Enjoy!” Kibum exclaimed.

After taking a few bites everyone was sighing from the delicious foods Kibum’s grandmother made.

“You’re going to be in the same class as us next year, right?” Minho asked the little girl.

The six of them are going to be in the same school and the same class because of the similarities of their age.

“Mm! My mom already made sure that I’m going to be in the same class as you guys are” she answered.

“Ooh… I’m so excited, I can’t wait for our first day at school next year” Taemin said while filling his mouth with kimbap.

After a few more minutes, the dishes were gone. Suddenly, Taemin spoke.

“Hey, since it’s Dino…” Jonghyun gave a glare to Taemin and made him gulp.

“I mean, Jonghyun… Jonghyun’s last day before he goes for a holiday trip with his family, let’s play a game” Taemin suggested.

“What game?” Minho asked.

“Well, its Princess’s birthday tomorrow, let her make a choice” Kibum suggested.

“Since when I’m a Princess?” she asked.

“I thought that Jonghyun here has a nickname, we should all have one” he said.

“I’m Key!” he said proudly.

“Key?” Jinki wondered.

“Well, I read a story book and it said that a key is a powerful thing to unlock treasures and secrets. So, I’m a Key!” he laughed at the end.

“I want to become the dancing machine!” Taemin exclaimed happily.

 “No, Taemin. You’re just a maknae (youngest) since you’re the youngest” said Kibum.

Taemin just pouts and looked to the ground.

“My umma (mom) told me that last night I woke up from my sleep and suddenly I said…” Jinki looked up and tried to remember the rest of the story really hard

“…Onew” After a minute thinking he finally said it.

“Onew?” I asked.

“I know… weird, right?” he laughed by himself and it seems like no one was going to protest that.

“Minho?” Kibum looked into Minho’s direction and he began to think the right nickname for himself.

“Ah!” Kibum’s shout certainly snapped Minho out of his thoughts.

“Keroro” With just one word, everyone started to laugh out loud.

Minho who still can’t believe to what Kibum had just said, went silent after a shock.

“Okay, it’s settled now. Jinki, Onew. Me, Key. Taemin just Taem. Minho, Keroro. Jonghyun, Dino and Princess” he said smiling.

“Okay, then. What do you want to play Princess?” Jinki smiled broadly at the little girl.

“I don’t know… Onew” she smiled back.

Suddenly, Kibum came to her side and whispered something. Her eyes were opened wide and finally she made a decision.

“Let’s play House” she said.

“House?” Everyone was curious except for Kibum.

“It’s like this…” he took a deep breath before continuing his words.

“…Princess is the umma. Dino is the appa. Onew is the eldest hyung. Keroro is the second hyung and Taem is the baby sister” Everyone’s eyes were open really wide now.

Kibum puts his hands together and looked everyone in the face just by moving his eyes to the left and to the right.

“Oh, and I’m the director” he said. After a few minutes, they started playing.

 ~ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ~ 

I just smiled, feeling the cool breeze blowing on my face and remembered my past, spent with those five young boys. That night, a message came in Facebook while I was busy surfing the internet.

Annyeong, Princess ^^

Annyeong, Dino… I mean Jjamong ^ㅂ^

Yah! It’s Jonghyun! Just please stop calling me that. At least be the only one person that calls me by my real name. T^T

Arasso… Mianhe… :)

What are you doing?


Is talking to me nothing? Arasso. I’ll just leave then. -__-

Mianhe… Jonghyun ssi. Okay… You don’t have to pay me back for the ice-cream. :)

Wah~ Your memory’s so strong. I thought you already forgot about that. But thank you!


Ah, Princess! There’s going to be a get together, the six of us. You’re free right?

Chincha? Wah! It’s been a while since I met them… I really miss them a lot!! :D

What about me? Don’t you miss me? :(

Of course I miss you… I miss you the most… :)

Suddenly, Jonghyun was jumping up and down when he got that message. Taemin, meanwhile who was on the phone, saw his friend making a lot of noise, shouting and screaming made him walk out of the room.

Then, there was another message. Jonghyun leaned closer to the laptop to read it.

…Jjamong :P

His eyes were widen and all of a sudden called out Onew’s name.

“Yah! Lee Jinki!” and went out of the room to look for Onew who just made his one and only crush call him by that embarrassing nickname than a proper name his mom had gave him.

Why isn’t he replying? Is he mad? I thought.

Maybe he just went to the toilet.

I left another message saying that I was going to log off and went to bed.

After switching off the light, I tucked myself into bed and stare at the ceiling fan, spinning and spinning while thinking about meeting him earlier.

He was so dashing and handsome. His dyed white silver hair was shimmering under the sunlight and his smile was sparkling.

Actually, he’s grown taller than before. He’s much, much taller than me. I had to look up when I met him at the park that day.

At last, I fell asleep after just thinking about that wonderful day.

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