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Annyeong haseyo~ How's everyone doing? hehe.. just gonna make a small intro.
This one-shot was made for you, my fellow shawol friends.

I had to write something at least for the last time.
As the title goes. I'm saying goodbye to SHINee World (for a while. I guess?)

Tomorrow, 10th Feb I'm leaving home and the internet world to my boarding school. FYI, to some shawols who don't know me, I'm 16, a high school student. and I'll be facing a big exam next year. so, gonna give a lot of focus to school.

SHINee World, I'm leaving you to the hands of my unnies and dongsaengs also my sunbae. I hope we can meet again.
I know, that some people say that SHINee would never leave me. and yes, that's true cause I'm saving a little spot in me for them.
but maybe, just maybe. I might be losing them entirely. who knows, right?
one thing's for sure though, SHINee once existed in my life and nothing can break that reality. no one.

enough with the intro. now, we're going into the real story.


Credit for this awesome, beautiful, wonderful and other great complimenting words which are like a LOT... to Anya.

 ~ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ~ 

 ~ Goodbye  ~ 

After unlocking the door, I dragged my feet into my room which was down the hall on the left side. With a heavy heart, I dropped myself onto my bed as I shut the door slowly. I buried my face into the pillow. My head was blank. There was nothing for me to think of that day. A minute passed and I had to inhale oxygen again. So, I turned my head facing the wall on my left side. I shift my body and curled up as I hugged my favorite hugging pillow. Soon, tears started to fall.

“Aiman ssi! It’s lunch time!”

A knock was heard from the door.

I stayed quiet but the sound of me sobbing filled the entire room.

Another knock was heard and the door was opened. He peeked into the room before letting himself in.

“Yah. Don’t you want to eat?” He asked as I could hear his footsteps getting louder.

I quickly wiped my wet cheeks with the pillow and placed it on top of my face, not wanting him to see me like this.

I tried not to make a sound and pretended I was asleep but suddenly, my nose snorted a bit from the mucus that were drooling out of my nose.

He knew something was wrong, so he sat on the bed beside me and tried finding my face which was hidden under the pillow.

“Are you crying? Wae?” He asked.

As soon as I heard those caring questions, I couldn’t handle myself anymore.

A pool of hot, warm tears soon filled my eyes and flowed non-stop.

Suddenly, I felt his warm hand rested on my shoulder.

“Waeyo?” He asked more.

I buried my face even deeper when I heard his deep voice and after regaining my confidence, I slowly moved the pillow away and lift myself up.

I moved aback, leaning to the bed frame and placed my hands onto my knee as I tried curling up.

I stared down, not looking into his worried eyes as he tried wiping the remaining tears on my face.

He made a face and was about to ask the same question when I blurted out.

“I’m leaving” I said, simple.

“Mwoh?” He said, lowering his voice.

“I’m leaving. I got to go and further my studies” I explained with a heavy heart and looked into his eyes to tell him the truth.

His expressions changed.

“…oh” Was all he could say next.

“Well then, why are you crying though?” A forced smile was seen.

“Aren’t you sad about it?” I dropped my feet and leaned a bit closer to him.

“Aren’t you sad about this?” I asked him again and made a weird expression.

“Aniyo. Why would I be sad? I would be extremely happy to know you’re furthering your studies” He smiled more.

Ergh! I can’t handle this! I kept loosing everytime he gives me that childish smile.

“I mean, we have to… part ways, you know?” I said and moved my eyes down again as I was trying to say those sad and painful words.

“If it’s destiny… we’ll meet again” He lifted my chin up and faced me with those confident eyes, promising me every single word.

A week was gone just like that and the day has finally arrived. The day, we have to finally part ways.

After checking everything again, I closed the door and said my final goodbyes to my wonderful, lovely room which had been a place for me to express my feelings. In that room, I cried. In that room, I dance and sing happily everytime I’m in a good mood. In that room, I had my own privacy. My own world. But now, I can no longer have that. 

As I dragged my suitcase along the hall, I only looked down.

My mind was full of the things I’m about to face off when I’m in my soon-to-be boarding school.

Slowly, my footsteps were getting heavier and having difficulties to leave this place. A place where wonderful and colorful things happened. Where it began and now, where it ends.

Suddenly, a row of 10 feet were blocking my view.

So, I looked up and saw the five of them standing straight in front of me with their warm smiles.

I tried smiling back but felt pain in my chest as I held myself from shedding a tear.

“Here! Use this to write your daily things or activity and maybe when we meet again, tell me all about it, arasso?” Smiled Key as he handed me a diary with a love shaped locket attached to it.

“Don’t forget us okay? Especially me!” He patted my head like a little girl.

I took it and gave him a nod.

Of course, I won’t forget him as I can easily remember him by this beautiful pink heart shaped locket.

Just like his name, Key; locket suits him pretty well.

I turned and faced Jognhyun.

“I don’t know if this is enough but please remember the famous and cute dino, arachi?” Jonghyun held out a dinosaur t-rex stuffed toy to me and I took it with open arms as I smiled back at him too.

“I’ll cuddle to this every single night. Gomawo” I said in return.

I took a glimpse at it.

It really has a lot of resemblance to him as the dinosaur was small but had big bones, probably from the stuffed cotton in them.

I smiled just thinking about this.

“This should help keep you warm on cold nights” Taemin placed an orange colored jacket with yellow star patterns onto my shoulders as my hands were full with Jonghyun and Key’s gift.

I felt a bit blushed as he did that. It was so sweet of him.

Somehow, I once made a thought that he was actually my little brother as he was always being so nice to me in every way.

The jacket. I can never forget that.

He always wears them everytime he’s gone for dance practice. It was his favorite jacket of all times.

Next, was Onew.

“Hehe… Mianhe, I don’t have anything special to give you but I hope this is enough for you” He said and revealed the hidden item which he had kept behind him for a very long time now.

“Jjajan!” He exclaimed and showed me a white glassed picture frame with the six of us in it during our first meeting in the year 2012.

He tried giving me a farewell hug before handing it to me.

Last but not least, Minho.

After my time with Onew, I couldn’t face him.

I didn’t want to. Because I’d know that I have to part with him no matter what.

As a saying, there’s nothing in this world that lasts forever. Nothing.

I looked down not being able to make eye contact with him but he soon lifted up my chin and made me face him.

He tried putting his best smile and said “Just remember this. No matter what, I will always forever be in your heart and you… will always forever be in mine”

He placed a silver star necklace around my neck.

“I know you’re not actually allowed to keep this but just in case you miss us, you’ll know where to find us…”

I smiled even brighter and gave him a final hug. It was painful, yet it was nice.

Before letting him go, he whispered something by my ear “…and where to find me”

We said our goodbyes and as I was walking out that door, I turned around one last time and placed those shining faces in here, in my heart.

Slowly, the door was being shut and one by one disappeared from my view. The last view I could saw was, Minho.

Minho’s POV

Jonghyun was trying to cheer everyone up by turning on the television.

Everyone joined him except for me. I excused myself and walked into my room.

I was still sad about this parting and had to isolate myself for a while.

As I walked pass her room, something triggers in me.

I took a peek and soon, flashbacks of her images came in my mind non-stop.

There was an image of her sitting on the bed and had headphones on her head as she was singing along to our every song.

Then, I could see her standing in front of the mirror, lip singing and dancing happily.

The final image that came into my mind was her sitting on the chair by the desk, holding a blue pen and writing down something on a white sheet of paper.

She was humming and I felt an urge to go closer to her.

As I was standing next to the chair, she disappeared from my view and a small folded piece of paper was seen on the desk with a black mp3 player resting on top of it.

I took the chair and sat on it as I unfold the paper.

Inside of it, was a page of lyrics to a song I’ve never heard of.

I placed the earphones to my ears and pressed play.

As the melodies were being played, I observed the lyrics in my hand as well.

I’ve been waiting my whole life
For a someone like you
To go and pick me up and take away my blues
Its been one hell of a year
In my own shoes
But I’ve got some questions for you

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven
Did it hurt just to know I was right here waitin
Do you know, do you know
It was love from the first time we touched

I’ve been waiting my whole life
For a someone like you
To go and steal my heart
Just the way you do
Its been one hell of a year
Here waitin on you
So I’ve got some questions for you

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven
Did it hurt just to know I was right here waiting
Do you know, do you know
It was love from the first time we touched

As Minho walked out the door, he was smiling. He left and shut the door tight leaving the mp3 player and the piece of paper resting on top of the desk.

Wondering why he smiled. It was soon found out that the reply to those questions was…

“Did it hurt?”

No, because I found you and yes. It was love.

 ~ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ~ 

P.s The song. You can listen to it here.

The place, which is the dorm in this one-shot, I'm trying to picture it as my heart. So, SHINee is in my heart and I'm leaving them slowly.

Thank you for reading this, my other fics and all the supportive words you've given me. I appreciate everything you've given me since the day we've met. I hope one day, we can all meet together. :)

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