Saturday, November 30, 2013

Chapter 8 : Ace and Kai

Kim Woo Bin, a famous actor in Korea. Known for his good-looking face and charismatic acting. I sat down and was a bit shaky when I handed the script to the director. “I’ve finished the rough script. I hope you could give me an honest critic” While the director was reading the script, I couldn’t help myself but notice that Woo Bin was looking at me as if I was wearing the wrong clothes for work. He looked from my shoes until my face. I admit, I was in a rush this morning for waking up late and accidently put on a t-shirt and a cardigan for work instead of a peach-colored blouse that I’ve prepared the night before. It was a gift from mom. I just ignored him. “Just like what your aunt said, you’re always making a spectacular job on writing scripts for a drama that promises high-ratings” The director was praising me but I felt ashamed so I denied everything he said. “How could you say that it could get high-ratings if you only read a rough written script?” Suddenly Woo Bin said to the director making me upset with his comment. “That’s what you’re here for” My eyes got widen when I heard what the director had just said. I took a glimpse at Woo Bin’s face and he seems like he couldn’t believe it either. “But sir, you told me that you’re going to give me a six months rest” “Change of plans. I heard about her excellent job in making such wonderful scripts, I decided to make you the lead. Besides, you’ve rested enough” The director said, making it clear for Woo Bin to understand. He just leaned back to the sofa with a betrayed expression stamped across his face. “Aiman ssi, now your REAL job has begun” The director said smiling at me. I just smiled back but when I saw Woo Bin’s face, my expressions changed. Seeing him so pissed off as if it was my fault, made me feel like smacking him in the face. I asked for my leave and as soon as I got out of the room, I was cheering from happiness. I couldn’t believe that a famous actor would be the lead for my first written drama. I already knew that Kim Woo Bin was a part of this great company but I never thought that the director would give me this opportunity. I put aside Woo Bin’s attitude earlier and just to be happy in writing the greatest script for a promising high-rating drama. I’m very certain that this would be a success because of Kim Woo Bin’s appearance as the lead.
I was skipping happily into the elevator when I noticed Woo Bin was going to ride it too. So I refrained myself from being too happy. “Are you really that happy when knowing that I would be in your drama?” he said, right after the door closed. I didn’t answer him and ignored his snobbish attitude. “Well, if you really want me in it. Make it a good one or else…” he turned around facing me with a serious face. “Or else what?” I finally spoke because I couldn’t handle him staring into my face as if he had never seen another human being before. He just giggles and as soon as the door was open, he walked out and turned around “Or else… quit” The door closes with that sinister smile on his face stuck in my head and the word ‘quit’ in it. “What?! Quit?! Who does he think he is?” I said to myself and let out my anger after hearing what he just said. A call came and it was Sulli. I was really shocked because we haven’t talked to each other since a while now. We talked a lot on the phone. I was practically talking to myself since I left the building, on the bus and until I reached in front of my door. We said our goodbyes and I was about to unlock the door when I realized that there was someone behind me, watching me. I turned around and there was no one. I felt chills running down my spine. It couldn’t be a ghost since it’s still early. I brave myself for the worst when I heard something fell at the end of the corridor. I walked up to it, switched on the light and saw a huge pile of junk. I looked around it and there was no one. So I turned around and was about to walk away when I heard a faint sound from the junk. “Meow~” It was a kitten “Meow~” Two kittens to be exact. One was gray with black stripes on it and the other was brownish gold. They were so cute. I looked at their necks and there were no tags on them. So I decided to take them with me and give them some water when suddenly Taemin appeared out of nowhere with a bowl and a carton of milk in his hands. “Aiman ssi? What are you doing with Ace and Kai?” “Ace and Kai? Are they yours?” I was surprised. If he had taken care of them why are they hiding in the pile of junk and how come they don’t have tags on them? I asked those questions to him while bringing them into my house. I put them on the floor and let them play with some of the yarns that were on the table as decorations. Taemin was about to feed them milk when I stopped him. “Taemin! What are you doing? Don’t feed them milk or their fur will shed off” “Oh, really? I didn’t know about that” I exchanged the milk from the bowl with clean water instead. Taemin just watches them play around. I was waiting for him to answer my questions but he seems like he doesn’t want to. He was trying to avoid eye contact. “Taemin ssi, do the others know you’re keeping them?” I asked a random question and all of a sudden Taemin blurted out. “Ah! Please don’t tell them! Please! I beg off you. If you tell them they would be pissed off. Actually I wanted to keep them in the apartment but we couldn’t keep pets more than two. So that’s why…” Suddenly Taemin stopped his words and looked at me with those eyes. “Oh, no! I am not keeping them for you. They’re yours so you take care of them. Plus, if I go to work, who would take care of them?” “It’s okay, they know how to take care of each other. They won’t be a burden. I promise you. Please? Okay? I really love them so much” Taemin begged and pleaded. In the end I accepted but there were a few conditions that he had to keep. “First; food, sand, sandbox, water and other necessities, you pay. Secondly, if the others ask who they belonged to I have to say they’re yours. Thirdly, if there were any severe damages to my house, you pay for it. Got it?” “Ne (yes), I accept these conditions!” said Taemin while giving a salute as if he was in the army.  I laughed at his attitude. “Why did you name them Ace and Kai? And which is which?” I asked Taemin. “Oh, the brown one is Ace because she likes running around and jump over things. Kai is the gray one because it reminded me of Kai” “It’s a he?” I asked. “Ne” “Who’s Kai?” “Oh, you don’t know? He’s in another boy group in the same company, EXO. We’re really close” Taemin explained.
That night, I was working really hard in writing the script for the first episode. While I was taking a rest, suddenly Ace jumped over me and I brushed her fur. She seems really cute. Kai, on the other hand was sleeping on the bed that Taemin bought earlier. Maybe helping Taemin in caring for them wasn’t such a bad idea. Seeing them both gives me the energy to continue to the second episode. While I was typing, the doorbell rang. It was Minho. He entered and the first thing he saw was Ace running around in the living room. “Since when do you keep a pet?” “Actually, two… pets” I said while pointing to where Kai was sleeping. Minho doesn’t seem to be bothered by their presence. “What are their names?” Minho asked. “Ace and Kai” “Kai? How did you come up with that name?” Minho seemed pretty shocked hearing Kai’s name. “They’re not mine. They’re Taemin’s” “Taemin?” His eyes became wide as if it was going to pop out of his head. I explained everything to him and he seems to understand the situation. “So… do I get to be the lead in your first ever drama?” he seems really excited with my answer but I assured him not to be so happy about it. “Actually, they’ve already decided who the lead would be and I’ve already asked about you and they said that you could be the second lead male in this drama” “Oh, really?” his expressions changed “Who’s the lead then?” “It’s Kim Woo Bin ssi” “Ah? Chincha? Wah… Daebak (the best). It’s going to be a successful drama I bet” Even Minho couldn’t believe it either. “What character am I going to be?” he asked. “You’re the head doctor in the palace” “Wah! So, I’m a person with high knowledge then? I’m going to be so cool” “Ani (no)” I replied instantly “You’re actually more of the unfortunate citizen who just happens to be selected as the head doctor by the king for your stupidity” I wanted to crush his hopes of becoming a person with ‘high knowledge’. “What? Really? But that would just make my image become even worse than ever” he sounded like he was so disappointed that he could cry a river. “Don’t you know? With your image as an idol, acting in a historical drama as the stupid head doctor, it would be the greatest hit in the filming industry” I ended with a laugh. “Hey, that’s not a bad idea” he seems to be liking what I just said even though it was actually a joke. “Don’t you have anything else to do? I’ve got some work to finish” “Arasso (alright). I was just stopping by to see how you’re doing but seeing you already had company, I’ll just leave then” he looked at Ace and Kai as if he was jealous of them. He stood up and walked to the door while I was busy typing on the laptop. Before he walked outside, he saw a picture that was on the dresser by the door. “Oh, isn’t this our picture?” “Which pic…” I stopped when I saw him showing the picture that was in his hand. The picture that once sent him to the hospital.

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