Sunday, November 17, 2013

Chapter 5 : The End...?

He was rushed to the hospital. I used his phone to call his manager and arrived minutes later. I explained everything to him. I was still in shock at the time. I hoped that everything will be okay. A doctor walked up to us and asked “Are you the guardian for Choi Minho?” “Ne (yes)” said the manager. “Was he ever involved in an accident once?” the doctor asked again. “I don’t know about that. Wait, I’ll contact his brother and ask him” he searched for Minho’s brother’s contact number in his phone. “But, what was his name again?” The Manager murmured to himself. I recalled that Minho did have an older brother. He was the same age as my sister and they went to the same high school before. “Minseok oppa?” I said to myself. “Ha! Yes, Minseok” the manager suddenly yelled by my ear and called the number on his phone which read Minseok.
The doctor let us in after examining Minho. I just sat by his bed and only looked at him. He was still unconscious at the time. “Wake up Minho! Please wake up! Open your eyes!” I was yelling in my heart and he still didn’t wake up. I felt like crying but at the same time I encouraged myself that everything will be back to normal. Suddenly, the door open wide. I turned around and saw Minseok by the door. He seemed completely shocked after seeing me in disbelief. He walked up to me and said “Aiman ssi? Is it really you? What are you doing here? What happened to Minho?” just like his brother, he asked a lot of questions. “Minho suddenly fainted when he saw a picture of us 7 years ago” I only answered his last question as it was the most important one at the time.
We walked outside of the room and he explained everything to me. It turns out that after Minho recovers from the accident he had amnesia. Just like what Sulli told me before, he only has his memories from when he was born until he became a student in Incheon but he doesn’t recall any of his friends. What’s even weirder than that is, it seems like I have never existed in his life. Minseok tells me that when Minho returns from the hospital, they send him back to his room to give him a good rest. “There was a photo on the bedside that you both took when you went to the theme park once. Minho asked us who the girl was in the photo. We were shocked because you both had been friends since you were both young. We couldn’t believe that he didn’t remember you at all.” Minesok told me about it. “Even after that, we tried recovering his memories again about his friends and you but every time we did that he would suddenly have a painful headache and sometimes collapse. Even if he tries remembering it by himself, he would only hurt himself more. After that, we decided not to force him recall his memories and just move on” I felt very depressed about it. I cried once away when I knew that he would never recall me back in his memories ever again. I regret everything about abandoning him after the incident at the playground. I wish I could turn back time and never leave him alone again. Then, Minesok went to see the doctor and I entered back into the room. The manager already left the hospital to inform the rest at the dorm. During that few moments, I held his hand and I could feel his sufferings. The pain that he had to endure during that whole time, being alone. No one by his side to soothe his agony. If only I was there with him. I fell asleep by his side after crying, regretting myself for being so cold to him before.
Suddenly, a finger on Minho’s other hand starts to twitch. His eyelids began to open. His vision was still blurry. He was really confused at the time. Where am I? What happened? Questions started running into his mind non-stop. He looked to his right, it was Onew sleeping soundly. “Hyung?” Minho’s rough voice certainly woke Onew up from his sweet dream running around in his own world with chickens. “Oh, Minho! You woke up already? Wait here, I’m going to get the others” Onew sprang out of his chair leaving Minho alone in the room. Minho who was still confused, lifted his right hand and felt it still warm as if someone was beside him for a long time, holding his hand tightly. He knew it wasn’t Onew because when he woke up earlier, he didn’t saw Onew holding his hand. Suddenly, Jonghyun and the others burst into the room and had smiles on their face as they were very relieved after hearing Onew told them that Minho have woken up. “Yah, had a nice sleep? Good, because you need the energy left for rehearsal” said Key as if he was a bit upset that Minho had been unconscious for a long time and made them very worried. Minho lifted his body to get comfortable sitting on the hard hospital bed. “What happened to me?” Minho asked the others. “You don’t remember?” They asked back. “If I do, why would I ask such a silly question?” Minho answered back. Then their manager interrupted “It’s okay. What’s important now is that you’re awake” “Wait, where’s Aiman ssi?” Taemin asked Jonghyun. “She already went back to Malaysia this morning” “Ah, really? I wanted to give her something before she goes back home” Taemin said with an upset voice. “She went back already?” said Minho as he was recalling to what happened to him that sent him to the hospital unconscious. Then, he remembers the photo that he saw before. It was a familiar photo which he had seen 7 years ago after returning from the hospital. “I think I met Aiman ssi last night. Right?” he asked the others and they replied yes. “Okay, that’s it. You guys go back to the studio and let Minho rest a bit” said the manager suddenly. “Where’s the cafeteria? I’m hungry” Taemin said while leaving the room. Minho lies down and closes his eyes to just sleep again after meeting the others but there was just one thing that kept appearing in his mind. “Who was the little girl that I met in the dream?
Meanwhile, I was still in the aeroplane. Wondering if he had woken up or not. Suddenly, a tear fell from my cheek while looking outside the window. My heart ache so much for leaving him again alone to endure this agony. For every second leaving Korea, I felt like a knife was slowly tearing my heart apart. I had to leave because mom called me to come back home after leaving for a while. As soon as I arrived back home, I started doing my assignments. I was working on it until I realized it was already 3 am in the morning. Before going to bed, I went through Minho’s photos one last time and didn’t felt like crying because I knew that we would meet again one day.
While it was 3 am in Malaysia, it was 4 am in Korea. Minho suddenly woke up from his sleep and went to the toilet as nature was calling. When he came back to his bed, he found a bag on the table by the bed. He opened it and there was a teddy bear, a brown teddy bear. With it was a letter saying “A friend told me that if you make your own teddy bear and give it to the one you love, he or she won’t go away –From a little girl in the past-” Suddenly, he smiled. He decided to sleep with that teddy bear in his arms. In his sleep, he said “Gomawo…. Aiman ssi”. 

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