Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Chapter 6 : The Bracelet

A cool breeze was blowing my face. Feet being touched by the salty sea. The colour of orange fills the whole sky. The shining sun makes the water shimmer in this very late evening. Gazing out into the sky, a tear dropped and the sea brought it along with them. Probably, it already went to the other side of the world. For that few moments all to myself, my mind was blank. Nothing to think about. Taking that few moments to just not think about the world, the people around me, the challenges I’ve encountered but somehow one thing surely made me shed that tear… Him.
“Aiman!!” I wiped my tears and turned around. It was my friend, Clara. “Come on! The food are ready!” she yelled because of the long distance between us. “Okay!!” I yelled back and started to run to her. We walked together leaving my reminisces behind. “Hey, what were you doing at the shore earlier? Reminded about your boyfriend huh?” Jake teased me while cooking the meat on the grill. “Nothing. What? I can’t spend a quality time to myself?” I said back to him. “What are you guys talking about? Her guy is right here” A man just suddenly appears out of nowhere and sat beside me. He supported his gigantic head with his hand, tilted just a bit into my direction and looked at me like I was a little girl. He was smiling from ear to ear. “We still haven’t declared it yet. Don’t get your hopes up. I might reject you this very moment” I said back to him while copying how he looked at me, supporting my head with my hand and tilted a bit into his direction. He just laughs, stood up and helped Jake to cook the meat. We were having a barbeque to celebrate our graduation. It was a really nice plan that Jake come up. “But remember, you’ve got until tomorrow to declare our relationship” said Danny but he didn’t even look at me. His eyes seem to be focus on the meat that was cooking. Then, Clara giggles all of a sudden and she almost choked. I giggled back because she got what she deserves for laughing at me but in my mind, I was thinking about what Danny said earlier; about declaring our relationship. To be honest, I wasn’t ready yet because I kept remembering about… Oh, you know who. I knew that I had to move on. So that’s how I met Danny. I didn’t reply to what Danny had said earlier and just focused on eating the delicious meat that Jake had prepared and cooked.
That night, we took a stroll around town and went to some famous sites that tourists had been to. We came across a small store just at the end of the road. The auntie was selling bracelets. They were hand-made bracelets. Then, there was one that caught my eye. It was a bracelet which had a blue star charm attached to it. Somehow it reminded me about… Ah! What am I saying? Stop it Aiman. Stop thinking about that guy and just focus on your holiday. Suddenly, “Auntie, how much is this bracelet?” Danny asked the auntie who was sitting on a chair just across him while pointing at the bracelet that my eyes were locked on. “5 dollars” she answered with just two words. “Then, give me this one and that one” he pointed to another bracelet which had the same charm on it but in the colour of red. She placed them in a small black plastic bag and handed it over to Danny, exchanging with the money that was in his hand. They smiled to each other and I just pretended that I didn’t know anything. At the time, Jake and Clara were already ahead of us. I don’t know since when they have abandoned us at the small store. “Where are Clara and Jake?” Danny asked me while making a shocking expression on his face. I knew he was just pretending to be shocked as actually he was glad that they had left him alone with me. “They left us. Maybe they already went back to the resort. I think we have to go back…” I said while facing away from him. “Come on, let’s go have a walk by the shore” he didn’t seem to be bothering with what I was saying and pulled me by the arm. “Danny!” I tried explaining to him that it was already late and I was really tired at the time but then, I found myself walking with him by the shore. We had a deep conversation and suddenly he stopped. I was still walking not realizing he had stopped two minutes ago. I turned around and he was gone. I looked around and couldn’t find him. “Danny? Where are you? Don’t leave me here all alone. I’m scared of the dark. Remember?!” It was completely dark and even if there were a few people around, I couldn’t see very well during nighttime. Suddenly, I was sitting on the sand with my feet being touched by the sea. I hugged myself as I was really at a panic mode. “Danny… Where are you? ... Why did you leave me? ...” I said to myself while crying a river. “I’m always by your side” An eerie voice was heard by my right ear and I turned around. It was Danny. I hit him on his shoulder and he yelled in pain “Ouch!” Seeing his expression made me laugh a bit. Then, I hugged him “Don’t you ever do that again…” “Okay, I won’t” He wiped my tears off and suddenly kneeled down as I stood up to refrain myself to stop crying.  His action certainly made my eyes open wide. He took out the bracelet that he bought earlier and said “Aiman, would you be my girl?” I didn’t answer to that question. It wasn’t because I was mad at him but because of something else… Minho. Suddenly, he frowned a bit. “It’s okay. I know you’re still shocked about what I did to you earlier.” He said standing up and just puts on the bracelet which had the red star-shaped charm on my hand. “Okay, let’s do it like this. If you accept me of becoming your guy, wear this tomorrow. If not, you know what I mean right?” Then, he puts on his bracelet and walked me to my chalet. Along the way, I didn’t say anything. I just entered my room without looking back. “So… How did it go?” Clara asked. I went deaf, threw myself onto my bed and slept.
The next morning after packing everything up, I went back to the beach and just wanted to feel that cool breeze one more time before going back to the urban city where I live now. Suddenly, a guy appeared beside me and certainly gave me a fright. “Boo!” Actually, I’ve become used to his tricks “Oh, hello there ghost” I said back while keeping my eyes straight through the horizon. “Aiman, you’re no fun anymore” I could tell that he was frowning a bit. “What’s wrong? You seem…” I don’t know why but I couldn’t hear the rest of Danny’s words. So I turned around and saw his eyes looking at my left hand. The bracelet. “Aiman!? Really?!” he kind of shouted by my ear making me go deaf. “Yahooo!!” he shouted even louder and went running around the beach. I didn’t know that getting a girlfriend would be the happiest thing for a guy. I just smiled at his attitude.
The four of us got into the car and started our trip back home. Danny was driving and beside him was Jake. I sat behind him and suddenly a call came. It was mom. “KOREA!?” I shouted and accidently bumped my head to the car roof. Everyone looked at me and Danny was the most curious one out of the three. I hung up my conversation with mom and looked outside the window and my mind went completely blank. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Clara asked me. “Uh, nothing. It’s just that my mom. She  wanted us to move to…” I looked at Danny through the mirror and he didn’t seem too happy about what I was about to say next “…Korea” “How come?” Jake asked me. I looked again at Danny. This time, he had a frown on his face and didn’t even look back at me through the mirror. In my mind, the conversation with mom still rings around in my head. “We’re going to move back to Korea, the four of us. Dad got a promotion and he is required in Korea. You can find a job there and we already found an apartment for you to live in” That certainly made my day. I said to myself.
Before leaving the airport, Danny came running to me and had a smile on his face. I thought that he would be sad that we had to part ways but I guess not. “Aiman, always remember me okay? And wear that bracelet I gave you. Don’t you ever take it off! Okay?” I just smiled as a reply. He gave me a farewell hug and afterwards, I never saw him again.
After helping mom settling down with their house, I left them to go and check my apartment out. It was on the fifth floor. My things were already sent into the apartment. So, all I have to do next is unpackaged them all. I entered my apartment and saw a huge stack of boxes. I surely had a rough time cleaning things up. Considering that I’m alone and I had to do this all by myself. After taking a rest, I decided to take a stroll at the park I saw earlier that was on the right side of this huge apartment. When I walked outside of my apartment, I noticed that the neighbor in front of me came out too. Suddenly a call came, it was Danny. Ah! I forgot to tell him that I’ve arrived 4 hours ago. He is going to be so mad about it. “Hello? I’m sorry I didn’t…” my voice trailed off when I saw the person in front of me. “…Minho?”

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