Friday, November 15, 2013

Chapter 2 : Korea

7 years went by. We lost contact ever since. Even if mom starts talking about him, I would just stay silent and pretend that I don’t remember him but the fact is every single memory about him is still stuck in my mind.
I took major in film and an assignment brought me back to him. At first I didn’t know what to think about this coincidence as something that’s beneficial to me or just had made my life even worse. The assignment was to interview idols from other countries. My aunt came to visit us one day and she suddenly spoke about her friend which was Korean and worked for an entertainment company in Korea. I quickly asked if I could do an interview with one of the idols working there and because my aunt befriend with the CEO of the company it would be easier for me to meet the idols.
Mom approves right away and I arrived just two days after her approval. I felt very happy because I came back to my hometown, Korea. Sulli was there at the airport to pick me up. I was so glad to meet with her again after all these years. She became a very beautiful woman and I envy for her success in study. On the first night staying with her, she told me an interesting story that totally shocked me. A week after my leave, Minho was involved in an accident. As a result of the operation, he had amnesia. He couldn’t remember anything just the fact that he was once a student in Incheon and he doesn’t remember his friends or even, me. Of course I told Sulli that that was going to be the last story about him because I’ve decided to forget about him and just move on. That night, I couldn’t sleep at all and somehow I kept remembering the teddy bear that Syaoran once gave me. Even though it wasn’t from Minho, it felt like he was a part of it too. I hugged it so tightly that I woke up very late the next morning.
The appointment was at 2 pm. I took the chance to go have a walk with Sulli around Seoul. We went to a lot of shopping malls and suddenly Sulli had an emergency call from her mom and had to go home that very day. She gave me her house key and left me. I would also do the exact same thing if I was in her place. I took a cab and arrived at the building, the SM building. I just walked up and with the permission card that my aunt gave me, I could enter the building with ease. I was told that the idols were really busy these days as they were preparing to release a new album. After meeting up with the CEO and explaining about myself he simply said to enter a meeting room which the idols were having a meeting. I stood in front of the glass door like a statue and suddenly they called me to enter. I was shaking a bit because I was afraid that I would disturb their meeting. I entered and said my greetings. They asked to sit down on a couch which was placed at the corner of the room. They seemed like they didn’t mind at all about my presence and continued their meeting. The room was really cold because of the air-conditioner and a staff there gave me a cup of coffee to heat up my body. I guess they could see me shivering from the coldness. The meeting took 2 hours to finish. Before the idols could leave, the CEO of the company came and told everyone about my presence and the reason for my sudden arrival during an important meeting. Everyone understood and left the room leaving me with the five idols. They introduced themselves to me formally in English but it seemed very difficult for them as they aren’t very fluent in English. So I told them to speak in Korean as I could understand and speak Korean easily. Onew, Jonghyun, Key and Taemin were their names and when it came to the fifth member, I froze instantly when I heard his name for the first time, Minho. In my mind I had a lot of questions whether this was the same person I knew for the past 7 years but I already made a decision not to think about that matter anymore. I woke up from my consciousness and began the interview. We had a good start and laughed a lot at the beginning. The interview was pretty long because of the questions that our lecturer gave us to ask the idols. Every minute, I would stare at Minho and wondered.
After the interview was finished, Onew asked their manager to order some fried chickens to eat. At first I declined their kind offering but they insisted me to join them. While waiting for them to finish eating, I sat down on the sofa again and flipped the pages of my notebook to see if there were any more questions that I could’ve missed. Then, I got a text from an anonymous number saying that he was Syaoran and he was in Korea at the time and asked to meet me at a nearby café. My eyes became even wider and couldn’t believe it for myself. I quickly stood up and asked for my leave. I rushed out of the room and headed my way out of the building. Meanwhile, the boys wanted to leave and go back home but Minho spotted a purple notebook on the couch and decided to leave separately from the others. He flipped the pages and calls a number that was written inside of the book.
On my way to the café, a call came and I picked it up. “Hello? Is this Aiman?” the caller asked. “Ur… Yes. Who is this?” I asked with a thought that the voice might belonged to Syaoran. “It’s Minho” I felt a bit surprised and disappointed at the same time. “You left your book in the meeting room. I was going to hand this over to you but I guess you already left the building. Where are you now?” I quickly searched around inside of my bag and the purple book definitely wasn’t in there. I told him the location of the café and he said okay. When I arrived, I could see a back side of a man and wondered if it was Syaoran. I took slow steps as my heart was beating fast, I couldn’t believe that I got to see him again. When I saw his face immediately I knew that it was really Syaoran. “Oh, you’re here” he greeted me warmly. I was so happy to see him again. “Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier about my arrival in Korea. I wanted to make it a surprise” “But how did you know I was here?” I asked “Oh, Sulli told me that you would be arriving yesterday. So, I quickly booked a flight and got here this morning” I was still in shocked but it felt weird. Why is he doing this? What makes him wanted to see me so much? Maybe he’s going to tell me the unspoken words from before? A lot of questions came running in my mind. Then, the mood became intense and he starts talking with a serious voice. “The reason I wanted to meet you is to tell you…” I was really hoping that history won’t repeat itself but unfortunately it just did. “Oh, Aiman ssi!” That voice. The exact same thing happened again even after 7 years. It felt like déjà vu. It was very disappointing because I just couldn’t know those mysterious words. I felt like yelling at him but I took aback and remembered what Sulli told me about his amnesia. I didn’t say anything until. “Oh! Minho hyung?” Syaoran asks directly. “Do… I know you?” Minho asks back. Of course Syaoran felt weird and I know that if I don’t stop them then our past would arise again and I really don’t want that to happen. “Syaoran, I’m sorry but can we meet another time? I really have to go now.” I stood up and pulled Minho’s arm right away out of the café. I felt really bad for abandoning Syaoran like that. Before, Minho pulled my arm and right then, I pulled his arm. I was really confused at the time. “Why did he call me that?” Minho asked. “Nothing, it’s just that you resemble someone he knew” I told him, trying to cover up. “Ah, here’s your book” “Thanks” Suddenly it started to pour rain, heavy rain. He opens the car door and said “Pali (hurry), get inside!” We entered his car and I couldn’t excuse myself out because of the heavy rain pouring. “I’ll send you back home” “No thanks. Just drop me off at the bus stand” “It’s okay. Just tell me where your house is so I can drop you off there” I told him where my housing area was and along the journey I got a text from Syaoran. “Let’s meet another time and don’t worry about what happened earlier. It wasn’t your fault” I felt relieved that he understands my situation. All I could say back was “Gomawo (thank you)” I smirked a bit and suddenly a question appears out of nowhere. “Waeyo (what’s wrong)?” I forgot that he was beside me the whole time. “Aniyo (nothing)” I replied. We arrived at my house and I thanked him. That night I got a text from an anonymous number. I thought it was Syaoran but I remembered saving his number before. “Are you asleep? - Minho” I was completely surprised because I never thought that he would text me at all. No, waeyo (why)?” “Ani (nothing). Sleep well tonight ^^” Suddenly I felt muscles on my face started to make a smile. It was a weird feeling that even I couldn’t understand. Somehow I felt happy about it and hoped to see him again.

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